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traditional polish knitting?

paige 1 | -
4 Dec 2012 #1
Hi, I have been searching for a traditional pattern for a gift for my father. He is very proud of his Polish heritage. Endless searching has resulted in no Polish knitting references. Can anyone help me? Do Polish People knit? All of europes countries have something they are known for, fair isle, and irish cabled sweaters, and french lace? What about Poland?
sofijufka 2 | 191
4 Dec 2012 #2
koronki koniakowskie? - lace of Koniaków

Koniakow's history begins in the second half of XVI century. Around this time, settlers from Cieszynski's Silesia located in this area, created the following villages: Istebna and Jaworzynka, together with Koniakow, known as the Beskid's Tri-Village. However, it was not only settlers of Polish origin that inhabited this area. Also Vlachs (Wallachians) were passing through with their flocks of sheep. Some of them decided to stay, and mixed in with the original habitants. Such mixtures fructified between men and women, and their ethnic differences were exposed in their types of clothing and also their cultural beliefs..

Poland Tatra mountain knitting
8 Dec 2013 #3
Merged: Is there a traditional Polish item at Christmas that I can make a knitted version of?

Hi! I do a lot of knitting and want to knit my Polish (Warsaw) boyfriend and his family something for Christmas.
I like to knit objects as well as just clothing etc.
Is there a traditional Polish item at Christmas that I can make a knitted version of?
I would want it to make them laugh and appreciate the cultural gesture?
Arts - | 22 Moderator
20 Mar 2014 #4
Little angels made with crochet-hook, crystal balls the same. You may knit some kind of hat or pullover...

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