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Tool Hire - Gdańsk/Pruszcz Gdański

19 Mar 2014 #1
Hello All

I'm looking for places that hire tools in these areas, I'm currently renovating in our home and need to rent a floor sander.

I've had a scout about on the net and not come up trumps so far, found a few places recommended by friends but all have said they don't have any machines like this.

In England you there's practically a tool hire shop in every town that would do such things, is it not so popular here? or am I just being silly and not looking hard enough?

Kind Regards

milawi - | 60
19 Mar 2014 #2
cjj - | 281
19 Mar 2014 #3
i would have expected sanders to be 2 a penny to be honest ... unless they are all in the hands of "experts" who will undertake to save you from entering the diy market.
OP MarkC
19 Mar 2014 #4
Thank You Milawi,

I was searching for floor sander :|
milawi - | 60
20 Mar 2014 #5
why unhappy face? 'cykliniarka' is 'floor sander' in Polish, is it not what you are looking for?

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