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TIL Rzeszow got an airport decades before larger Lublin

6 Jul 2019  #1
I'm surprised the smaller town Rzeszow has an airport since the 1940s, but larger Lublin only got one 7 years ago. Lublin has above 500k people population while Rzeszow is less than half of this. Anyone has any idea about that discrepancy? My other question is why is Rzeszow growing in population while Lublin is declining? Better incentives for companies there?
cms neuf - | 909
6 Jul 2019  #2
Probably due to the distance to Warsaw. Lublin is a 2-3 hour drive and similar by train. But Rzeszow used to be about 6 hours by train and drive time about tbe same. So flying made some sense.

Before 2004 then most regional airports only connected Warsaw maybe 2-3 times a day and there were a handful of international connections to Vienna and Copenhagen. I have vague memories of tbeir being a direct flight from Rzeszow to Newark or was that some crazy dream.

Since 2004 the budget airlines quickly built up a pretty big business flying Polish it migrants to the UK Ireland Germany and Scandinavia so that combined with some EU funding led to expansion of new airports including a few white elephants like Radom
OP Zlatko
7 Jul 2019  #3
Thank you cms neuf! And what about the population, are people leaving Lublin due to businesses preferring Warsaw? Somehow Rzeszow seems to have more multinational companies.
pawian 159 | 9,553
11 Jul 2019  #4
are people leaving Lublin due to businesses preferring Warsaw?

Yes, Lublin is losing residents who move to other parts of Poland where investment and job offers are more abundant. Mainly Warsaw.
OP Zlatko
12 Jul 2019  #5
Ah thank you! It's too bad the authorities can't do much to attract business as it seems like the Polish city with the most tree-lined streets and boulevards, it looks very green and hence pleasant. You're never too far away from a green area there. And the more trees, the cleaner air.
cms neuf - | 909
12 Jul 2019  #6
Given your tree fetish thing why not think about Torun - it doesn't have many tree lined boulevards (this is Poland) but has large wooded areas on both areas of the river, lots of parks and the start of a very large forest just 4 km from the city center - that forest stretches up 40km to Bydgoszcz.
OP Zlatko
12 Jul 2019  #7
Yes, Torun and Zamosc look like the most beautiful in my opinion for visiting. Bydgoszcz also looks like having a very attractive inner city.

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