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Thinking of moving to Janow Lubelski / Lublin

14 Jun 2011 #1
Hi all,

I am in need of some advice. I am thinking of moving to the area of Janow, about 50-60km from lublin. Are there any expats living in this area?

I have no experience of teaching but I am currently enrolled on a basic TEFL course online to get an understanding of how it all works. I have been in touch with the local language school who teach the Callan method. From reading reviews on here it seems mixed as to whether this method is worthwhile, but for now I'm just happy to have a potential employer. Ideally I would use this job to gain experience/confidence and then try my hand at private teaching.

Is there money to be made in proof reading for students?

I am also interested in learning Polish. Any ideas of the best way to do this?
Tried signing up for a beginers course where I live in the UK but they couldn't find a tutor!!

Would like to hear from people to share stories and ideas.

Varsovian 91 | 634
14 Jun 2011 #2
Sort of nice place for the back of beyond
PL2011 - | 6
11 Aug 2011 #3
Hello niepolski,
I think the best way to start your adventure with learning polish language is enrolling for a course that is yearly organizated (summer time) by University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin (UMCS). Every year people all around the world come to Lublin to take participation on this great project! You're welcome too ;-)

Here you have a website (english version) where you can get all needed informations about it:

ATTENTION: in the link above, every _ means . (dot)

Lublin is very nice, with many cultural events, magical and green middle-sized city (350 000 citizens) with 4 Universities and 1 Technological University and many other private colleges (here is about 85 000 students right now).

Janów Lubelski is a noiseless and beauty touristic spot, encircled by large forests, next to lakes with nice beaches.

Generally, Lublin area could be a very interesting place for a man like you, for sure! You're welcome :-)
simpix 6 | 27
27 Nov 2012 #4
Hi Niepolski,
I just found your posting from last year..
Just wanted to find out how you're getting on with your quest for work teaching English?
I'm moving from London to Lublin and hope to find work teaching English when I complete a TESOL course...

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