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Please suggest a good garage in Warsaw to fix Toyota Yaris!!!

fareasttiger 6 | 17
24 Oct 2014 #1
I have problem with accelerator of my Toyota Yaris.
The car stops at traffic light and when i want to speed up, it accelerates slowly as if there is not enough fuel, or not enough air...

I have the feeling that it can not run with its capability.
I think it has mechanical problems with engine air filter, oil filter, fuel filter or fuel pump or event problem with exhaust (stuck, for example).

Could anyone tell me a realiable and affordable auto garage to check and fix it. I am in Warsaw Centre.
24 Oct 2014 #2
It could be a filter or sparkling plug. The best advice would be to go to the nearest Toyota dealer in Warsaw. People think that going to independent services would save them money but in reality dealer service isn't much more expensive and they know what they're doing. Use a search engine to find a dealer near you (type: Warszawa Toyota dealer and look up your relevant location on map).
OP fareasttiger 6 | 17
25 Oct 2014 #3
Thanks Nathans.
I made appointment with Toyota Czerniakowska to check the car on Monday.
I will post results soon.

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