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Spanish Freeview in Krakow

drw1979 1 | -
5 Nov 2012 #1
Hi just a quick question if I bought a dvb-t box would I be able to change the audio settings on certain channels to listen to programs in their original (language) I know friends in Spain who can do this with Spanish freeview and was wondering if I could do the same in krakow
smurf 39 | 1,981
5 Nov 2012 #2
With UPC you can hit a button and change it back to the original language but it doesn't work for loads of channels, actually none of the Polish ones, just ones like the BBC channels, most of the documentary one and thankfully Eurosport.

Ah sure feck it, Polish tele is crap, get yourself an IP proxy and watch everything on BBC player, 4OD or Irish aertv

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