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Polish and Slavic Art

1jola 14 | 1,879
9 Nov 2009 #31
Digiart from a Polish patriot. Sorry that I don't remember his name.
27 May 2010 #32
Where's Jacek Malczewski my favorite painter?!?!? Why noone has posted it yet?? ;)


My fav picture of other symbolistic painter is Józef Mehoffer's "Dziwny Ogród"

Dziwny ogród-

Edward Okuń "My i wojna"


Bajka Fantazja-


Most famous Tamara £empicka
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
27 May 2010 #33
Well done, Zetigrek :) Actually a good thread anyway.

Actually, I was just curious: do Poles consider "Die Blechtrommel" by Günther Grass partly a Polish novel? I know it's a German book, but it takes place in Gdansk and Grass was born there too.


M-G (tiens)
nincompoop_not 2 | 192
27 May 2010 #34
no, we don't
GG was born in Gdansk but his mother was, well, she was Polish in some respect only. She was a Kaszub and they are the most genuine and archaic ethnic minority in Poland (funnily enough not recognised by Polish government - oficially)

For centuries they've spoken their own language (some say dialect) which is not Polish, but not German; they are pretty 'closed' to external influences (Polish or German in the past) but administratively they were and are Polish. They also opposed German occupation and being separated from Poland.

GG, because of his mother, is considered being a Kaszub.

somebody mentioned Yerka (must admit never heard of him before) so I think Wojciech Siudmak is worth mentionning here as well :)

Siudmak Poland artist
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
27 May 2010 #35
Oh well, I was just curious about it. Those paintings you show remind me somehow of Salvador Dali...Especially the second and third one.


M-G (tiens)
28 May 2010 #36
wieslaw walkuski works are fantastic to say the least.

According to this site: - work below isnt by Walkulski but Wiktor Sadowski:

My Fair Lady

There are also other works of Sadowski: Poland art

Rafał Olbiński:

Olbinski art

Oh, and this one is special! I remember it hanging on a wall in my school ;)


Andrzej Pągowski: Papierosy są do dupy, 1994.
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
28 May 2010 #37
According to this site ... work below isnt by Walkulski but

This is strange because I just checked and this work below is isn't by Sadowski but by Wiktor Sadowski: according to [].

So there seems to be some confusion between these two artists, still though they are really great, top notch.
If we had avatars, I would use the boy with the bum for a face :)
28 May 2010 #38
So there seems to be some confusion between these two artists, still though they are really great, top notch.

Yes, it seems u r right :)

Danton and Pies andaluzyjski are certainly Wałkuski works (I've checked in other sources)

My Fair Lady - I dont know

Goya and Piknik pod wiszącą skałą - seems its Sadowski

other Sadowski's works:

this guy :

makes me think of this guy:



...................................................................... .......................

If you ever wonder what "thing" is on the "image link" button, here you are:

Chełmoński "Babie lato"
Allison 5 | 118
29 May 2010 #39
(Well just joking, but it's a interesting thread.)

ROFL!!!!! That reminds me of a book I wrote for school when I was in the 2nd grade. We had to write a story about "sneetches" (characters in a book by Dr. Seuss) and draw pictures. My story was called the plain belly and the star belly sneetches. The star belly sneetches were richer and thought they were better than the "plain bellied ones" rofl. But later the plain belly sneetches get revenge. The pictures I drew looked very similar to that actually lol. Don't laugh at me, I am not kidding!!!
2 Jun 2010 #40
Xavery Dunikowski

"Brzemienna" (1906)

"Uczennica" (1926)

"Autoportret" (1926)

"Francuzka" (1920)

Jan Lebenstein:

Polands art

Jerzy Duda-Gracz

Poland painter Duda

Kajetan Stefanowicz

brak tytułu

Kazimierz Sichulski

Pokłon Trzech Króli

Alfons Karpiński

Jane z japońską laleczką

More here:
19 Nov 2010 #41
stained glass Father the God (1897-1902, Stanisław Wyspiański)

I'm very partial to this stained glass window as it is my absolutely favorite piece of art in Kraków. I always start my visit in my city by going to see it in the Franciscan church. It's called "Bóg Ojciec" (God the Father the Creator)

How did Krakow end up with a Leonardo Da Vinci?

From what I remember it was bought by Prince Czartoryski by him while visiting Italy on the bankruptcy auction of one of the Italian's palazzos.
ARC 1 | 13
19 Nov 2010 #42
Does anyone know where I can get a smaller print of this piece (maybe like 25cm across or something like this) All I can find googling are very expensive prints. I had one in a room in an old flat in Warsaw (just a cheap poster version) and forgot to take it. Would live to find another. Thanks

Dziewczyny na statku.

Bumping to see if anyone knows where I can get the above art poster I posted. I am not able to find it Googling only expensive limited prints. The one I had was just a small poster in a frame.
Tony Johansen 2 | 14
2 Mar 2011 #43
Merged: New painting in the Music Center and Concert Hall for the Filharmonia Orchestra in Olsztyn

In recent months I was helped a great deal by forum members as I prepared a new painting that I created for the new Music Center and Concert Hall for the Filharmonia Orchestra in Olsztyn. Forum Members even decided on the the Polish name for the painting: 600-letnia pieśń.

The painting is now finished and already in Poland and will be on exhibition there permanently from 19th March.

There are now 3 YouTube videos about the painting that you can view. I hope you enjoy them. The first one is a documentary about the making of the painting and the poetic linking of the music of Chopin with the artwork. The other two videos are the speech and artist talk from the official Sydney unveiling of the painting earlier in February. Please feel welcome to send any of the links to friends who might be interested.

Making Of The 600 Year Old Song - 600-letnia Pieśń - Tony Johansen

Unveiling Of Tony Johansen Painting "600 Year Old Song By Polish Consul General

Tony Johansen Artist Talk - The 600 Year Old Song - 600-letnia pieśń

Although I have Polish ancestry on my mother's side, it was 100 years ago and my mother and her mother did not think it important to preserve the language and heritage in their new country. I think that is a great shame as I would love to experience much more of Polish culture and heritage. However since using the forum here and the helpfulness of so many on the forum made me feel part of the wider Polish family again so there are many reasons to say thank you.


I would love for you to leave comments about the video here but it would also be really cool for someone to write a comment in Polish as well as English on YouTube. I have never received a Polish comment on any of my YouTube videos before. It must be time to happen :-)
f stop 25 | 2,507
17 Jun 2014 #44
[Moved from]: Engraved rolling pins by Polish artist

File this under things I never thought I'd say: these rolling pins are absolutely stunning. Made of Polish beechwood and laser-engraved from artisan Zuzia Kozerska's home in Warsaw, the pins come in nearly a dozen different designs. (Alternatively, especially committed cooks can request theirs custom-made.)
beckski 12 | 1,617
1 Aug 2014 #45
Such adorable Sto Lat rolling pin. If only I could learn how to bake a decent pie!
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 498
4 Jan 2016 #46
Merged: Polish folklore t-shirt

Nice photos, great job of the person who's done that!
smurf 39 | 1,971
4 Jan 2016 #47

Thanks for that, I'll inform the person who originally designed the image they are using.
26 Jan 2016 #48
That satellite is on orbit since then. Think POLSA is mostly working in cooperation with ESA.

Not only Polish Space Agency is working with them. Tomasz Bagiński (nominated for Oscar for best animated movie Katedra, founder of Platige studio and future director of The Witcher movie) created his first animation featuring real actors for last year's ESA (European Space Agency) conference about the Rosetta Mission.

I think it is AWSOME:)

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