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Who's the singer in "The woman in the fifth" by Paweł Pawlikowski movie?

skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
24 Mar 2014 #1
Long time no see, hope everyone's doing good.

Today I watched a "Paweł Pawlikowski movie called "The woman in the fifth".

Can anyone tell me the name of the Polish song at the very end of the movie? It's a female singer with a beautiful voice and the lyrics go something like: "A przecież wszystko tam zostało, Nawet ta cisza trwa wrześniowa..."

Who is the singer?
...oh, and the Polish bartender in the movie... Wow!
24 Mar 2014 #2
Here you are skysoulmate:

And here are the lyrics if you're interested:
gumishu 13 | 6,138
24 Mar 2014 #3
another song by Ewa Demarczyk: Groszki i róże:

I once had all her vinyls - she sounds brilliant from vinyls the sound on youtube is pretty castrated
OP skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
24 Mar 2014 #4
Awesome, thank you very much, wow, what a beautiful song! Is there a Polish music site where I could find the chords for it? Ideally guitar chords but even if it's piano I can probably transcribe them into guitar chords.

Dzięki !

PS. I'm about to loose my wi-fi so I'll have to listen to the other song tomorrow. Looking forward to it,
gumishu 13 | 6,138
24 Mar 2014 #5 - allegedly these are the chords for Tomaszów but I don't guarantee this

I have found the chords for Groszki i róże though -,groszki_i_roze

I've just found one of her full vinyls on youtube

great sound quality
OP skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
27 Mar 2014 #6
To admin/moderator: The reply function to a specific post doesn't work on an iphone. The page refreshes when I click reply...

So I'm using the bottom screen reply function instead.

Thanks for the links y'all. I tried to download the chords for Tomaszów but was prompted to submit my phone number to confirm I was an actual human being (sometimes I wonder myself ;) )

However, once I provided the number the download didn't come through? Either way, I love this song and her poetry like singing style. I'll try to figure out the guitar chords one way or the other and might try to learn it.

Until then, take care everyone..


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