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I'm sharing a list of Polish culture - music, film, books, videogames, etc...

slavsun 1 | 4
26 Apr 2012 #1
Hello everyone,

I'm new to posting in the forum although I have been familiar with it for some years. I thought I would share the Polish music, films, etc that I'm familiar with first so people can discover something different if they are interested; and you are welcome to share and recommend your interests as well. Most of the music and films below I own but some I have only viewed.

I did do a search for threads on film and music and there are many so I thought I would combine a few things in one place since my collection is small right now. I'm interested in finding some more Polish music, film, etc and would appreciate any recommendations. I will look online but if anyone is ever interested in sharing please feel free to do so.

I know I can go on google and search for "classic Polish films" and music, but there are so many and I have a broad interest. So I will take a look at any genre and style - black metal music, classic folk, rock, disco, funny comedy movies, romance, serious documentaries, Sesame Street, etc. I have some personal reasons why I like certain things because of the emotional content but I also like to check out the diverse spectrum of cultures because it's fun to discover and learn.

Paprika Korps
Stare Dobre Małżeństwo
Karpaty Magiczne/The Magic Carpathians Project
Pan Wolodyjowski (1969)
Krajobraz Po Bitwie (1970)
Potop (1974)
Przypadek (1981)
Shoah (1985)
Żelazna Ręka (1989)
Dekalog (1989)
Jancio Wodnik (1993)
Ogniem I Mieczem (1999)
The Pianist (2002)
Anioł W Krakowie (2002)
Stara Baśń: Kiedy Słońce Było Bogiem (2003)
Izrael W Koperniku (2006, live music)
Katyn (2007)
The Mill and the Cross (2011)

Many Polish children's books from the 1970s+
We Have Not Forgotten (1962)
Poland (1983)
The Polish Way (1987)
Słowiańska Moc (2006)


- Discogs is a great website if you are really into music - you can search by country, style of music, add music yourself, and there is also a Polish Discogs forum here.

- is one good Polish film website that I have come across.
- Mobygames is a great database for videogames, a user has posted a list of videogames made in Poland. The list is incomplete so if you know of any similar lists of Polish videogames on the internet please mention them, or if you can update it yourself then please do.

I also needed some help finding some rare Polish films and the name of one tv show:

Miedzy Brzegami (1963) dvd
Deklinacja (1980, short film) dvd
Bieszczadzkie Ikony (1984, short film) dvd
Żelazna Ręka (1989) dvd

- The four films above I saw late one night on a Polish satellite tv channel at a relative's place in Brooklyn. I have searched for dvds with English subtitles, but these are not necessary as I understand Polish. Also maybe some of them aren't on dvd and only a digital video is available, ripped from a tv broadcast. If anyone knows any good Polish music, dvd, and book stores in New York, Chicago, or Poland that I can order from online then I'd be grateful. I know of a few but they don't always have everything and can't order some stuff. Also any torrent sites or special websites that might have digital videos of these rare films would be better than nothing. I have searched Polish youtube and on google but can't find anything.

Lastly, I had a weird request. I also saw a weird/dumb comedy show on the same Polish satellite tv channel at my relative's place. I'm trying to find out what the name of the show and episode is because I forgot. However, it was a weird Polish comedy show, and it might be offensive or dumb to some people. There was a scene where a man was speaking in Polish, he was dressed like Hitler and he was painting a picture of a postage stamp on an easel. He had a very annoying voice and maybe he was acting like he was gay. He then started to speak and say in Polish, "I'm going to send these stamps all over Poland" or something like that. There was also a woman there but I can't remember what she did, and there was the fake audience laughter. These people were repeating characters in some kind of regular comedy show. It was very strange and at the moment i thought it was stupid, but then I remembered it and it was one of those things that was dumb, weird and funny all at the same time. So I don't really care if I don't find out the name of this comedy show, but I thought I would try.

Thanks for reading everyone, sorry if I have posted anything annoying, and I'm looking forward to checking out some new things. :-)
26 Apr 2012 #2
This is a diverse, and almost exhaustive list of resources you've compiled! Thank you very much!
OP slavsun 1 | 4
26 Apr 2012 #3
Thanks Jason, although I forgot that Wikipedia has a list of videogames made in Poland here

For film there is the Internet Movie Database where you can lookup any film and browse films by country, here is Poland

And on Discogs you can search for music by country also, here is music from Poland
smurf 39 | 1,966
26 Apr 2012 #4
those bands are pretty old, got anything from this century? :P
Ktos 16 | 436
5 Jun 2016 #5
Merged: Czesław Niemen - Poland's genius bigger than Prince, Bowie, Dylan or Cat Stevens

This is a tribute to forgotten, quiet musical genius of Czesław Niemen.

His production is timeless, nothing exaggerated, with masterfully assembled tunes, inviting you into the world of music, passion, dance and reminiscence. He was a poet that turned poetry into melody with such ease that he makes it flawless much like Marek Grechuta or Cat Stevens but with more variety and depth most times. Worlds can not describe his input into the world of music, true master of his craft who was as modest as one can be. Enormous talent who went away almost without anyone noticing, it is sad that in Poland we don't praise our brightest stars, that ignorant, blind western world doesn't is a well known fact, but we should do better than that.

Here are some of his masterpieces:

1. "Dziwny jest ten świat" (The voice of Ukraine - Niemen's version sang by Ormian singer Hasmik Sirojan) (In Sopot Concert 1967)

2. "Sen o Warszawie"

3. "Jołoczki, sosionoczki" (this super masterpiece he sings in 3 voices - he had to put it together in a studio but could
never perform live - impossible)

Natasza Urbanska sings "Joloczki, sosionoczki"

Niemen's biography:

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