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Remember this animated TV series (Polish shows and children's cartoons)?

cimmer 1 | -
19 May 2010 #1
A couple of years ago my girlfriend and I were hunting for rare posters in New York and came across an amazing piece of artwork. It was an artist's portrait (somewhat impressionistic, if memory serves) of a little girl. We were told it was a poster for a Polish children's cartoon that was loosely based on Don Quixote.

We thought the price tag was a bit much at the time so we didn't buy it, but occasionally we talk about how we should have gotten it. I've searched for the poster again and haven't been able to find it. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the cartoon or the poster shop so I can't go back and ask.

I did do some research at the time and remember verifying the Polish origin. I think I also found that the cartoon wasn't well known and aired during the 1980's, but I could be making that up. Any suggestions?
frd 7 | 1,399
20 May 2010 #2
Hi.. there was a cartoon known in Poland as "Don Kichote" or "Don Kichot"..
but it wasn't a polish cartoon :) It's a spanish production.
Don quijote de la mancha as the title screen says...
nadzieja96 - | 1
2 Feb 2012 #3
Merged: Polish children's television show?

There was a television show my brother and I used to watch when we were younger, it a polar bear in it and penguins; it was a children's like and it was the Polish equivalent to Australia's Blinky Bill. Does anyone know what it's called?
Alligator - | 259
2 Feb 2012 #4
My guess would be:
-Wyspa Nied┼║wiedzi, although there was bear with bunny, not penguin;

... and for penguins adorer:
-Pingwin Pik-Pok
- Pingu

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