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Polish religious decor for the home. Sound familiar?

mjd 2 | 3
15 Mar 2013 #1
Every so often a vague memory from my youth will surface and bother me until I track it down. So hopefully this sounds familiar to someone:

When I was a kid, so let's say the 1950s, we would visit my Great-grandmother on Sundays. She would have been born in southern Poland in the 1880s.

On one wall in her house was a piece of what I can only call religious decor. It was not a painting, but it was in a frame. The art itself was covered with a piece of glass such that there was maybe a centimeter and a half space between the back of the art and the glass in front. I forget exactly what the image was. It might have been the Holy Family, or just a house and garden. But the image was enhanced with what I believe was dried plant materials: straw flowers and the like. I remember there was a motto on the inside, that included the word "Bog." That's why I think it was religious.

Does this sound familiar? Some sort of "God Bless Our Home" skinny diorama to hang on a wall? Is this a familiar art or craft in Poland, and if so, where is it practiced? It might have been factory produced, for all I know, but I can't picture any machinery to put it together.

Thanks for any help.
kdg - | 1
15 Mar 2013 #2
Sounds familiar... Such decorations were very popular at our grandparents houses. Not so popular now.
I've got your message from my cousin Paul - you asked about family in Piwniczna - I could help you more as my father worked on family genealogical tree and there are relatives you asked about.

12 Feb 2017 #3
My grandmother's house had a picture of St Theresa of Avila on the living room wall; and, another in her bedroom. I always thought that that was a picture of Angela who lived several doors down. I never could figure out why she kept pictures of Angela.

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