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Polish radio stations in English

30 Nov 2012 #1
Are there any Polish radio stations in English?
30 Nov 2012 #2
Polish Radio Programme 1 ?
They had some news reports in English, German, Russian if I recall correctly.

Apart that, wikipedia says:
Polish Radio External Service
OP poland_
30 Nov 2012 #3
Any Sports service?
30 Nov 2012 #4
I don't know. Try to check Polish Radio website.
Tim Bucknall 7 | 98
19 Dec 2012 #5
fwiw: if you're after General English language radio
you'll probably Hear BBC Radio 5 at night time
909 & 693am
its probably nearly 24/7 in winter
try moving the radio about to get rid of Romania on 909 and Germany on 693 if needed

a mate in Central Ukraine gets Absolute radio 1215 well enough to listen to
you might even hear the venerable old 198 long wave!
16 Aug 2015 #6
Any music stations Especially gospel

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