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Poznan - we need to talk

smurf 39 | 1,981
16 Jul 2013 #1

While every Irishman, woman & child who attended the football last year will agree that Poznan (& Gdansk + Sopot) welcomed us with open arms and showed us a really great time.... Poznan hasn't been taking the break up very well.

Since thousands of Irish fans descended on the city for Euro 2012, Poznan has made no secret of its affection for the visitors. Authorities turned civic buildings green for St Patrick's Day - perhaps because the mayor enjoyed visiting Dublin for a pint.

But the new campaign - complete with a website that begins "Dear Irishman!" - really steps it up. According to its radio ad, Poznan is Irish-friendly because of "how much we have in common"

It's got to the stage now, where it's like an ex-girlfriend calling at 2am for either a bootycall or to arrange to meet for a coffee & a chat.

C'mon Poznan, show some class, you're better than this, move on with your life, you're a great place, it not you it's us, we just can't commit to you Poznan, not right now anyway. If we beat Sweden & Austra we could still get to Rio next year and then maybe to Paris two years later, we might even make it to Russia two years after that......oh, sorry, I know I shouldn't have mentioned Russia, but it's time to let go Poznan.

Dry your eyes mate, plenty more fish in the sea, etc. etc.

We'll always have the memories.
16 Jul 2013 #2
I was at the Croatia and Spanish games, just got to mention the Croatian and Spanish fans also played their part in making them a good day out & great atmosphere.
OP smurf 39 | 1,981
16 Jul 2013 #3
the Croatian

Yea most of them were cool.

They did cause some trouble between themselves though. I think it was two sets of fans from the Zagreb clubs. They had a few pints, us lot just looked on and laughed at them.

Spaniards were cool, but they're always cool. Good craic with them.
And singing the Trapattoni song with Italians was a lot of fun too.

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