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I need to go to the Polish Police station (received a shipment with nothing inside)

Forfour44 9 | 94
6 Mar 2012 #1
I have received something from the USA via PayPal and when i received it, there was nothing inside.
I have filed a claim with PayPal and now they want me to go to the Police and send them a report in 3 days.

What do i have to do? Any Police station? Will they speak English? Or even help me?
Do i get something from them asap or do i have to wait?

PayPal are trying to screw me over.

Thanks in Advance
BBman - | 344
6 Mar 2012 #2
If they're requiring you to go to the police then go. I'm sure they'll find someone who can speak some English. If you know someone who speaks polish then take that person with you to help you out.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
6 Mar 2012 #3
Good advice. I'd add that taking a friend who speaks Polish well is your best option. If they need to find a translator it would probably mean a return visit some time in the future. There may well be an English speaker there but that doesn't mean they'll translate a signed statement for you.
6 Mar 2012 #4
PayPal are trying to screw me over.

No, they are just trying to make it difficult in the hope that you won't bother with your claim.

Either email them back saying that you've got some quotes for an interpreter and sworn translator for them to confirm that they are OK with paying, or just contact your credit card company and arrange a chargeback.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
6 Mar 2012 #5
Yes. They speak English. They have been learning it really hard before Euro 2012 ;)
OP Forfour44 9 | 94
7 Mar 2012 #6
I'm going to go tonight with a friend. I do not care if everything will be in Polish. It will be PayPal's problem. They haven't asked for it in English. :)

The claim is for $600 and he paid me. Got the item and said he didn't want it. Filed a return via PayPal and when i got it from the Post office the envolope was ripped and only paper inside. He stupidly wrote Watch worth $600 on the side.

Now PayPal are saying if i do not give the polish report from the item what start in December. If the Police will deal with something so old. PayPal want me to go now to file a claim.

Some friendly info. Ever sell anything to the USA via ebay and paypal. Ebay is great, PayPal will screw you over.

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