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Do Poles drink more?

11 Feb 2012 #1
Drinking vodka is our national tradition. We drink when we are in good mood and also when we are angry or sad.

Do they drink more than people in other countries? Have you any experience in frinking vodka with Poles? what do you think about that?
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Feb 2012 #2
Competition with Russians is harsh I am not sure who is the champion.For sure we Mediteranean folks cannot reach such heights.
alexmac 3 | 52
11 Feb 2012 #3
I think both drink too much it's nothing to be proud of
Marek11111 9 | 816
11 Feb 2012 #4
Poland is in the middle
OP polishhgirl
11 Feb 2012 #5
I don't think is the reason that we should be proud of it's just a question. you can't say that we don't like drinking vodka. it's part of every party. And this hard question if you want to refuse: "you won't drink with ME?' :D How many times have you succeeded in refusing drinking?

for example you passed your exam - "Tha's great, let's go drinking!", yo failed your exam:'oh no, we must drink something".
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Feb 2012 #6
And this hard question if you want to refuse: "you won't drink with ME?' :D How many times have you succeeded in refusing drinking?

It is impossible to refuse.However while the Pole still stands happy drinking you see the walls moving in a vertigo mode.
OP polishhgirl
11 Feb 2012 #7
so you should practice as much as possible :)
11 Feb 2012 #8
In order of European nationalies on the drinking scale:

POLES - no better, no worse than any other group mentioned! Reputation is only a little worse and many are excessive.
GERMANS - tend to be mega-beer consumers, more than any other country 'cept AustraliaLOL! Chronic lushes? Hardly!
SPAIN - borracho spanioles??! Huh?
RUSSIANS - can drink most of us under the table:-)
SWEDES - honest to goodness bottlenoses! Sorry, but I lived in Gothenberg for a while and what they say is sadly true. Many DO ferry across to Denmark where the booze is so cheap, it's almost free!

FINNS - Some of the reputedly meanest drunks out there,... once the (men particularly) get nice and tanked up!
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Feb 2012 #9
so you should practice as much as possible :)

We do not have the genes here.Moreover the weather is hot and when drinking you become like a radiator.
11 Feb 2012 #10
Indeed, Southern! Heavy drinking is typically associated with the coldness of the climate. The countries which I mentioned, except for Spain, are Northern countries. There are however, as with everything else (almost!), exceptions:-)
Ironside 51 | 11,337
11 Feb 2012 #11
No, Poles do not drink more
11 Feb 2012 #12
But then again, they don't drink any LESS either.
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Feb 2012 #13
Poles are serious drinkers and search for high alcohol stuff.Maybe Russians are more extreme in fast drinking and shots drinking.Also Russian and Ukrainian women seemed to me to drink more than polish women.

However from tourist observation here in Greece I have to admit that English and Finns surpass everyone.Some English get so drunk till the noon that they have been drowned in swimming pools sth which has never happened to Poles.
irishguy11 6 | 157
11 Feb 2012 #14
I think us Irish can keep up with the best of them
11 Feb 2012 #15
Maybe my imagination, but almost every Irishman I've encountered, at least here in the States, has been a committed teatotler.
This is not to say that the Celts, as the English, can't hold their own with the best of 'em!

Oh, and lest we forget about the infamous (if "vocal" minority of..) Dutch hooligans. They drink a lot more than simply Heineken and Grolsch.

Borrels as well as Jenever can measure up to the best of Hungarian palinkat or Polish bimber

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