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Weed (Cannabis) prices in Poland. (Difficulty to obtain)

DavidODwyer 4 | 14
19 Feb 2011 #1
Just curious how much people pay a gram in those areas and if it is difficult to obtain.

Seen an old thread on this on the forums and well - before it happens,
This thread is not about the effects negative or positive about marijuana.
15 Mar 2011 #2
FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST “I recommend an excellent documentary film, "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer," by Len Richmond, which summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana. Most medical doctors are not aware of this information and its implications for cancer prevention and treatment.”- ANDREW WEIL, M.D.
Wroclaw Boy
15 Mar 2011 #3
great news for pot heads the world over
29 Sep 2014 #4
Merged: Where can I find weed in Krakow, Poland?

Help :)
22 Oct 2014 #5
I'm flying into Kraków next week, is there any lovely soul ou there that can help me get some good ganja? Please advise
Cheech & Chong
23 Oct 2014 #6
Dear Officer Gollaso, do you really think there is a 'lovely soul' here stupid enough to take your bait ?
6 Aug 2016 #7
Where can I score weed in Sopot, Polen? I have atros so I need weed to cope with pains.
Greendude - | 1
30 Aug 2016 #8
Where can i find some weed/hasch in zakopane?

Merged: Cannabis zakopane

Me and my friends are in zakopane for a couple of weeks and we are looking to score some weed/hasch, any suggestions on where/who we should ask?
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
30 Aug 2016 #9
No why would you ask this on a forum? Idiots
Sturzen - | 7
4 Feb 2017 #10
I highly doubt policja are scouting forums like this for small time weed dealers. Even the most well funded police forces in the world don't have time or man power for this.

Sorry to resume an old thread but I was just wondering if any of the people who previously posted had any luck finding weed? I'm in Kraków for a few more days and then heading to zakopane. Ideally I want the weed for my time in the mountains but I highly doubt I'll be able to find any in such a small city. Kraków is my best bet but I've tried and no luck. I asked around the bars in Kazimierz as subtly as possible and even a few groups of skater teenagers. Surely a city of this size has a fairly large weed subculture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it was my hometown I'd return the favour ;). Maybe private message sturzenbeats@gmail
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
4 Feb 2017 #11
Sturzen what you need to do is join a facebook group with the right kind of name.
For example 'Krakow weed smokers' or similar.
then you will be able to contact someone easily.
Sturzen - | 7
4 Feb 2017 #12
Thanks for such a fast response. Just signed up for a Facebook to give it a try haha.
Tried a few different keywords but not really much luck. Was this a general piece of advice or is there a specific group you had in mind?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
4 Feb 2017 #13
just general advice.
I had some success in Prague when I did that.
Sturzen - | 7
4 Feb 2017 #14
Seems like Kraków is a bit harder than Prague in this respect. Thanks anyway though!!
Maybe I'll get lucky and bump into someone rocking a marijuana leaf t shirt or something in the next few days. Either that or somehow zakopane is flush with weed, which I doubt haha
Sturzen - | 7
5 Feb 2017 #16
Junkies usually do heroin, no thanks. The two aren't usually connected
johnny reb 36 | 7,496
5 Feb 2017 #17
The two aren't usually connected

What is your definition of a 'gateway' drug ?
Sturzen - | 7
5 Feb 2017 #18
@johnny reb
In my opinion and from my experiences it's a myth that's been pushed to keep people away from any drug. I've smoked cannabis for almost nine years and have never touched an "addictive" drug (e.g cocaine, heroin), just psychedelics.

I understand why people call it a gateway drug and it's usually because cannabis is the first drug available to young people as its so common. Therefore it brings people into a connection with 'shady' people and makes it easier for those who want to try harder drugs to actually try these harder drugs.

I think it's a certain kind of person that progresses in a gateway fashion. I can only speak from personal experiences but I've seen many more lives torn apart through alcoholism than torn apart through addiction to marijuana.

There is a lot of evidence in legal cannabis states that show that legal cannabis has lead to a reduction in opiate use and overdose deaths from prescription painkillers. My theory is that if a drug is illegal then people will group them together, especially if like Poland the punishments are similar. Caught with weed, prison. Caught with heroin, prison. If the risk is the same then surely addicts will likely use the genuinely physically addictive drug. I've never tried heroin but I'm guessing it must feel pretty ******* good if people tear their own lives apart for it. So if the risk is the same as a few grams of weed then why not take the risk and try the stronger stuff. If weed is legal I feel less people will meet these 'shady' types and less people will advance onto stronger substances.

Sorry for the essay but it genuinely annoys me when people don't differentiate between substances and the affects these substances have.

"The total annual cost to society of alcohol-related harm is estimated to be £21bn. The NHS incurs £3.5bn a year in costs related to alcohol. Few other health harms have such high overall costs when the impact on productivity and crime are included."

I personally have been assaulted multiple times by people under the influence of alcohol on nights out in the UK, I am sure this occurs in Poland. I have also been mugged by someone addicted to heroin. One time this guy who was high off weed shared his life story and his bag of cookies with me.

Weed and heroin are linked in the sense that they are both illegal, the comparisons stop there.

Edit: also johnnyreb I said "usually unrelated", not completely unrelated.
johnny reb 36 | 7,496
6 Feb 2017 #19
to keep people away from any drug

That would have been sufficient but we all know how the mind wonders and one babbles on and on and on when all you would have had to say is, "to keep people away from any illegal drug."

It's the nature of the beast.
How about some ice cream and chips while you repeat what we have all heard from Puffers trying to justify their addiction.
Reality is for people who can't handle drugs I guess.
Sturzen - | 7
6 Feb 2017 #20
I guess so. I think simply it varies from person to person. Some people can live life without even a cup of coffee each day. Some people need a joint with breakfast. Some people need a blue pill to get their dick hard. Some people need a cigarette every hour to keep themselves calm. Some people need life saving blood thinning medication to keep their heart pumping.

Every chemical we consume can be argued as being a drug and each of these chemicals affects different people differently. It doesn't make you superior to any one else just because you don't require any of these. And just because you enjoy the effect a particular chemical has on your body doesn't mean you can't handle reality. That's a naive viewpoint and completely disregards drugs that aren't intoxicating in the slightest.

And yeah chips and ice cream would be lovely, thanks.
johnny reb 36 | 7,496
6 Feb 2017 #21
All the things you mentioned are self destructive.
Weed on the other hand while say smoked by a babysitter, airplane pilot, surgeon, first responder could be a life or death situation for an innocent individual.

That is why it is so hard to obtain in Krakow.
The Polish people know that smoking pot makes you lazy, apathetic and dumb.
Most of us have enough personal problems without purposely adding to them.
Well except for the genius that you are.
Now back on topic before we get an "O" warning. YA HEAR !
Sturzen - | 7
6 Feb 2017 #22
And it seems that ingesting no drugs at all make you arrogant and self righteous :)

For someone who is supposedly apathetic and lazy I sure cared a lot about your opinion and took a few hours of my own time to craft a response. Thanks anyway for your help and comments. I just wanted to vaporise some THC and listen to music to unwind in the evenings, not get high and pilot an aeroplane or attempt to transplant a vital organ. I wouldn't even risk driving when high, nevermind going to work or babysitting a young child.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
6 Feb 2017 #23
I'm about as anti drug as it gets, at least in terms of me and my friends consuming it. In fact just seeing this thread here leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

However I can see when someone is making an objective plea whilst valuing an opposing point at the same time.

So Sturzen I just want to give credit where credit is due.

I also take grievance to the widespread acceptance of alcohol regardless of its repercussions on society. Bad eggs will always ruin the image of something done in moderation and it just so happens that there are more "bad eggs" in alcohol consumption.

Johnny I'm curious as to your opinion on alcohol consumption, given your views on marijuana.
31 Mar 2017 #24

Weed in lodz

Hy guys I would like to get some weed in lodz someone can help ???
25 Nov 2017 #25
@johnny reb
johnny reb 36 | 7,496
25 Nov 2017 #26
I would like to get some weed in lodz someone can help ???

Go to Craigslist Poland and click on "Household".


I have found that there are only three end results of alcoholism.
1. prison
2. insanity
3. death
Take your pick.
25 May 2018 #27

Were to buy weed in Warsaw?

Hey guys, I am a Brazilian-Polish citzen who is also a Stoner. :) I am going to visit poland for the first time and will spend 5 days in warsaw. I would love to taste some of the local buds :) Were I can buy some weed in krakow?

Braziliansky :)
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
25 May 2018 #28
I dont know how it is in krakow as most my experience is limited to wroclaw. But in poland its more or less thr same everywhere. Where you buy really depends on how good your polish is. You'll get the best deals from hools in the run down bloki but if you don't speak the language or don't put off a good impression you can easily get beat up and robbed. If one of them insist you follow then indoors dont do it. You'll get jumped as soon as your in the klatka (like a sort of lobby on the ground level). You're safer asking a hippie looking dude or some college students if you dont speak polish that well. Theyll charge you more, ask you to buy them a sack/give them money but your chances of being jumped are far lower. And I would definetely advise against buying from gypsies as theyll simply rip you off as theyll know youre a visitor.

The buds are generally high quality home grow. Sometimes hash or imported buds from Holland, but mostly high quality indoor. I've never seen dab/wax in poland. The drugs of choice in poland tends to be alcohol, weed and speed. Lots of high quality amphetamine and some meth if thats your thing. I personally hate uppers bc I'm already a high strung person and it makes my insomnia even worse but a lot of young poles love them as it makes them work long hours and then drink like a fish and do it all again the next day without feeling tired.
23 Jul 2018 #29

Were I can find weed in krakow?

Guys I am coming to krakow with my family and I am kind of a stoner who would love to see warsaw with more "colors" during my vacation. Is there any place were I can buy weed in warsaw?

cheers! :)
Sylvio 20 | 152
23 Jul 2018 #30
Try your local police station..

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