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Water and Heating Charges in Poland

30 Sep 2015 #1
Hi Guys,

I am non polish and I live in Warsaw since last 1 n half month and would like to know water charges in Warsaw (Ochota district).

My cold water consumption is 5.55 units and hot water is 1.40 and my owner charged me 63.66 zl and 46.86 zl respectively. Are these prices normal?

Where can I see the charges? I tried googling but couldn't find a good source.

Thank you.
30 Sep 2015 #2
They're about normal.
gumishu 15 | 6,183
30 Sep 2015 #3
cold water consumption is 5.55

it seems ok as the price of cold water in Warsaw is around 11 PLN per cubic meter

the hot water figure seems ok as well as 1 cubic meter of hot water costs 30 PLN in Warsaw
InPolska 9 | 1,805
30 Sep 2015 #4
I live in Ochota too (but I don't think the price differs as per the neighborhood) and the price sounds ok to me. It corresponds to what I pay.

Roughly I pay around 100 ZL per month, so what you say "makes sense" ...
30 Sep 2015 #5
Thank you all.
11 Nov 2015 #6
Merged: Water n Heating prices Trojmiasto, Poland

I recently moved from Krakow to Trojmiasto with my GF and our energy bills are simply staggering, compared to what we paid in Krakow. Our use has not changed, we have the same lifestyle.

We bought a new pralka that is supposed to be very economical when it comes to water usage, we take 5-10 minutes of shower per day max, our heating is only on for a few hours per day, etc. And we live in a modern, 65 m2 appartment with double-glassed windows.

We pay as follows:
Centralne ogrzewanie: 90 m3 - 3,26zl/m3
Zimna woda: 9.6 m3 - 9.19zl/m3
Podgrzanie wody: 4.8 m3 - 17zl/m3

460 zl for water and heating and it's only Pazdziernik... Are we really using that much?
11 Nov 2015 #7
I have spoke to many people in Poland who live in apartments / flats, It seems to me that the landlords tend to charge whatever they think they will get away with, this is especially true of foreigners in Poland.

We have a house where we heat and power about 500 sqm and we pay less than 400zl a month, we do have our own well for water, but that uses electricity to pump it out.
Gaucho 2 | 49
17 Nov 2015 #8
In a small apartment we (2) pay about 200-300pln every month for water+heating
17 Nov 2015 #9
Gaucho that seems allot of money for 2 people, are you in a big city?, would be interesting to hear from others so that we can compare.
Looker - | 1,134
18 Nov 2015 #10
We pay almost 200zl/month for the water alone (60% of this is the waste water charge) - however our town is one of the most expensive regarding the water fees.
18 Nov 2015 #11
200zl for water, i am in shock, that's more than in the uk, the waste cost % is crazy , I have a cesspit that costs 110zl a year to empty, I do think that people who rent property or live in flats in Poland are ripped off its criminal once you have paid 200zl for water there is no money for food if you are on polish pension/average pay.
Looker - | 1,134
18 Nov 2015 #12
They defrauded the money from EU for modernization of the water supply system and have been forced to repay the loan. Of course all costs were transferred on us residents...

There's no choice to change the water supplier except to move out.
18 Nov 2015 #13
Thanks for the info looker I thought it was just greedy landlords ramping up communal charges, nice to know its just the usual cheating politicians.
Atch 20 | 4,145
18 Nov 2015 #14
This might be useful to people, bearing in mind that what counts is the number of litres you use so even though it's British, the information still applies.

It gives you the low, average and high figures for households of between 1 and 6 people.
Also here's a water use calculator where you can put in your exact specs based on your own family's usage:

Then I think if you just multiply your number of litres/cubic sq metres by the Polish water charges you should be able to roughly estimate and plan for your water bills.

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