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Warning: dog owners in Poland ('Flea solution')

Wedle 16 | 496
21 Feb 2012 #1
Three days ago I purchased a liquid ' Flea ' solution for my dog in Warsaw from a respected outlet. Following the instructions I applied the liquid between the shoulders of my dog, within two minutes she started to go into spasms. I decided to do more research and here is what I have found.

Preparat przeciw insektom dla psów Frontline Spot On S


It would seem the solutions all come from one manufacturer in the USA, who rebrand on behalf of its clients. There is now an investigation going on in the states after a number of pet deaths.
pip 10 | 1,659
21 Feb 2012 #2
yikes! hope the dog is ok!

you can get something similar to frontline from your vet- I don't know the name of it but the vet told me it was better and not sold in stores.
OP Wedle 16 | 496
21 Feb 2012 #3
yikes! hope the dog is ok!

She seems to be doing ok, she is being monitored by the vet for any side effects.
Wroclaw Boy
21 Feb 2012 #4
i noticed the Frontline spot on in the UK was not as powerful as the one we used in Poland.
donlou31 1 | 30
21 Feb 2012 #5
I hope the dog feels better soon Wedle.

Same thing happened to my Cat a little while back after using Spot on. He had fits and was foaming at the mouth. Very scary stuff.

I use cider vinegar on him now, not chemical products. I pop a few drops on the back of his neck every few weeks and have had no problems with Flea's, didn't find even 1 over the last year. I'm not sure if works well for dogs too, maybe in a bigger quantity? Also if you take your dog to forests for walks then it could come into contact with deer and fox ticks, I'm not sure the cider vinegar would protect against them. It's worth checking though.
pip 10 | 1,659
21 Feb 2012 #6
this is interesting info- i will have to find more info on the vinegar. ticks are horrid in Poland. I even found one on my dog in December because of the mild weather we had.
donlou31 1 | 30
21 Feb 2012 #7
Pip, I found all info through Google. There was lots of other stuff about non chemical things to use but the cider vinegar was rated the best. Like I said, a few drops to the back of the neck, like you would with the spot on, is all that's needed. To boost protection you can add a few drops to the animals water, if they will drink it.

I don't think i have even seen a tick. I don't have to worry too much about them anyway at the moment. Here in Poland my cat is indoors, we live on the 5th floor and I'm scared to let him out on the balcony because he loves to climb. I try to take him outside on his harness to the little park opposite me, but there's always dogs running around and it terrifies him :(

I'm feeling sorry for him, back in the UK we don't see him. He spends all his time in the garden, only coming inside for food and his bed.
Wroclaw Boy
21 Feb 2012 #8
ticks are horrid in Poland.

yeap i have to think long and hard for a more disgusting creature, parasites uugh.

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