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Using heating oil in your car in Poland, what are the risks?

Marcus911 3 | 102
8 Feb 2011 #1
What is the worst possible scenario if you are caught using heating oil in your vehicle in Poland? Is there set fines for using this type of fuel?

Spaceman77 3 | 58
9 Feb 2011 #2
You should be more concern about the damages to the car then the fines if you get caught.
Heating oil will greatly reduce the life of your engine, your catalyst converter, etc, etc, etc.
OP Marcus911 3 | 102
9 Feb 2011 #3
Yes, I know that there may be a problem with the life of the engine.. not really worried about that, just want to know what the Polish Law says about using non-duty-paid-fuel in your car, but thanks for the tip.
grubas 12 | 1,382
9 Feb 2011 #4
just want to know what the Polish Law says about using non-duty-paid-fuel in your car, but thanks for the tip.

It says you can not do it.If they catch you will be fined and US will want you to pay the tax back.
Stu 12 | 515
9 Feb 2011 #5
The difference between heating oil and diesel is mainly the sulfur content. In regular diesel it's 5 ppm, in heating oil it can be as much as 3.000 ppm. Another difference is that some additives are put in diesel, which prevents paraffin flakes from forming in low temperature conditions.

So your car can in fact run on heating oil.

But ............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember they put a dye in heating oil, which is very difficult to get rid off from your fuel tank. Even after filling your car up several times with regular diesel, this dye will still be present. And with high fuel prices, checks will surely increase.

If you want to save yourself some money, then replace 10 to 20% (in a Golf III Turbo diesel even up to 50%) of your diesel with salat oil (like sunflower seed oil), cheaply available from Lidl or Aldi. Don't fill your car up with salat oil only, because the viscosity and flashpoint of salat oil is higher than that of diesel.

Advantages of salat oil: no dye to worry about and a nice smell of french fries from the exhaust.
wildrover 98 | 4,436
9 Feb 2011 #6
Yes.... use cooking oil , its a much safer bet , but beware that some newer engines have pumps and fuel lines that can be affected by veg oil....

If you have an older engine that is less high tech you should have no problems..
g60edition 6 | 174
9 Feb 2011 #7
Spot on there the newer PD/DI engines dont like the veg oil but my old pre PD passat runs no problems.Also by adding two stroke oil I have to say my car has rarely ever run as smoothly and quietly since.
OP Marcus911 3 | 102
11 Feb 2011 #8
Thanks Guys, I suppose I should have highlighted that I wanted to know what the Law will do if I use heating oil in a Commercial vehicle, Lorry for example and I am caught? Is there a set fine? has anyone you know ever got caught using it. Can you go to jail? for using it commercially?

jonni 16 | 2,476
11 Feb 2011 #9
I think the chance of them finding out is very slim - the police wouldn't even be looking for it, and it would be a matter for the Tax Office (more concerned with suspicious over rather than underuse of petrol), who have set fines, rather than the police. But I'm just guessing. In the UK, you just record how much you use and remit the taxes - what I'm not guessing at but know for sure is that this isn't possible at the moment in Poland. You should be careful of whoever does your przeglad techniczny grassing you up for a reward, especially if you live in a town rather than a big city. I'll check with my friend from the tax office if he comes on gg tonight, but I suspect he won't know anything because it so rarely happens.

A guy I know, an upstanding pillar of the community, converted his old Mercedes to run on used cooking oil. Very cheap, but it smells like my granny's kitchen and made a crunching noise when it moved. A bit like granny.
9 Apr 2011 #10
the diesel was originally designed to run on vegetable oil.
9 Apr 2011 #11
This. It was designed to let farmers create their own fuel and thusly be self-sufficient. What do you think happened?

BTW, Vegetable oil has zero sulphor and better lubricity than Petro "diesel".

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