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JollyRomek 7 | 483    
6 Jun 2015  #1

Widzew Lodz said their farewell to 1st Liga football with a 1:1 at Olimpia Grudziądz today. Although technically relegated to Liga 2, Widzew may not get a license and will drop to Liga 3 where they would join LKS Lodz and Polonia Warsaw.

What is going in Polish football? New Stadia in Gdansk and Krakow stay almost empty, traditional clubs drop like flies.......


Also GKS Belchatow (not a traditional club) got relegated from the Ekstraklasa. Not a good outlook for football in the Lodz region for next season.

Looker - | 914    
7 Jun 2015  #2

I'm sorry for the Lodz and Belchatow - but another towns are happy now - Lubin and especially people from the village of Nieciecza - only 750 residents there and now their team in Ekstraklasa! It is very interesting.
OP JollyRomek 7 | 483    
19 Jun 2015  #3

village of Nieciecza - only 750 residents there and now their team in Ekstraklasa! It is very interesting.

Well, yes and no. Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza actually plays in Zabno, a small town with about 20000 residents. It is interesting to see small clubs making their way up the ranks but in case of Polish football, it is a complete disaster. Giving the fact that only games such as Legia vs. Lech or similar fill the stadia, imagine what the PGE Arena in Gdansk will look like when Lechia plays against Nieciecza? It will be almost empty and there won't be too many people following it on TV either.

Sorry about the late reply. The thread went off the first page of threads so quickly, I did not realize that someone replied :-)
sasa ilic    
11 Nov 2015  #4

Merged: inea stadium

How much money is ticket for lech poznan game?
6 Apr 2016  #5

Merged: Watching football in Poland

I love football, and I follow both Slask and Lechia. So I would like to go to that fixture next season (If both are in the Ekstraklasa). I have seen somewhere that you need to have a kind of football ID before you can watch a game. Is this correct? If so, how much is one, how long it it take to sort out, and where would I get one sorted?

Thank you
Crow 133 | 5,340    
16 Feb 2017  #6


Legia Warszawa - legend live

I dedicate this thread to the best football fans in the world - one, the best and venerable Legia Warszawa




My best regards and admiration to the finest

Legia Warszawa!
Crow 133 | 5,340    
16 Feb 2017  #7

I just learned that Legia`s boys tried to burn few western Europeans today. Ah, restless younglings
NoToForeigners 5 | 523    
16 Feb 2017  #8

Those were Hollanders so most likely gays and junkies. No loss.
Crow 133 | 5,340    
17 Feb 2017  #9

Hollander moral heretics provoked Polish brothers and deserved their rightful wrath. Legia boys could squeeze them like a fleas beneath their nails. But, they were gentle. They just exposed them to the purification by fire.

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