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Are there any shops that sell petite trousers in Poland?

Simpson 3 | 9
31 Jul 2010 #1
Thread title says it all really. I am 5ft and really struggling to find trousers that fit properly. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

wildrover 98 | 4,451
1 Aug 2010 #2
You are going to get all kinds of daft answers from the muppets on here , but hopefully some good suggestions too...

Have you tried dolls clothes...and then shrink them to fit....???

Sorry...i will get my coat... might be cold in Radom..!
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768
1 Aug 2010 #3
my fiance is petite, she goes to the kids section sometimes. She hates that she has to resort to that but I tell her of all the money she saves and that she's still the prettiest woman on the planet to me.
OP Simpson 3 | 9
4 Aug 2010 #4
Wildrover- I have no idea how to respond to your suggestion.

Foreigner 4-Thanks, I have bought kids clothes in the past but sadly I have put on weight so the waist size would be too small now.

I will just have to buy ridiculously long jeans and take them to a tailor.

Home / Life / Are there any shops that sell petite trousers in Poland?
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