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shopping on Ebay from Poland

clifborder4fm 20 | 35
24 Sep 2013 #1
Hey guys, my family and friend back in Polska frequently want me to buy items that are cheaper or higher quality in the U.S. and bring it back to Poland for them when I make trips back. Most of these items they want can be found on Ebay.. So I was wondering if anyone had any experience buying Ebay items from Polska? Is there an extra charge they pay for using their credit cards (paypal) from there and how does shipping generally work in terms of pricing? thanks for the help
24 Sep 2013 #2
The postage will normally make it to expensive to bother. plus they could get stung with import tax. paypal is the same the world over most polish debit cards need to be activated for online purchases though. tell them to look for things on amazon uk they have similar prices and if they spend £25 the postage to poland is free and no chance of import tax
24 Sep 2013 #3
Yes, I've made countless purchases from US sellers on ebay over the last decade or so.

Paypal don't add anything extra (the seller covers the paypal fees) but the conversion rate from zloty to USD isn't as good as their local kantor will offer. If they can be bothered, the best solution is to have a USD account with their bank and to pay dollars in to that account which they have bought at the local kantor and then use the card from that account to pay paypal in USD.

how does shipping generally work in terms of pricing?

Each listing will say how much for shipping to the USA.

However, you might want to suggest to them that they use a shipping agent instead of waiting for your trips to the USA. I've been using these guys for a couple of years and have found them to be both cheap and excellent (as well as being pretty good at things not being stopped by customs):

[edit] I've also been using Amazon UK for a fair few years and have only good things to say about them now that they have sorted out their delivery service (i.e. they now make very minimal use of the thieves at Poczta Polska).
24 Sep 2013 #4
I dont think they use them at all now I had 3 parcels go missing in a row until they finally sent it by dhl I never use the polish post and if people send me things i use parcel2go works out about£15 for up to 28kg and only takes 3 days
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
24 Sep 2013 #5
3 out of 4 eBay items ordered turned up, and on the 1 that never turned up I think they didn't send it as there was lots of confusion about the date of despatch. I got a refund.

I have not found the Polish Post Office to be any sort of problem here, so far. Pretty good, in fact, speaking of my own experiences.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
24 Sep 2013 #6
I was ordering a lot of stuff from the internet (could be 100 times). Many times packages were send with Poczta Polska and I had never any problem. I think, that It's also important where you live in Poland, because some departments are more competent than other and in some they employ better postmen.
OP clifborder4fm 20 | 35
24 Sep 2013 #7
Great! Thanks for the help guys, really informative. Getting a huge shopping list from everybody over there is really annoying, will help them start purchasing items they want this way.
24 Sep 2013 #8
As said, if they're buying stuff from ebay sellers in the USA, they should have things sent by the seller either to you or (far better) to a shipping agent, such as Polonez Parcel Services.
23 Sep 2019 #9
I have purchased to items out of Poland from the ASPEKTO seller. What a wonderfful surprise; both items (ordered on different dates) arrived quickly WITH ZERO CUSTOM FEES! Now I shop 99% out of Poland.

Mind you, both items were under $100.00.
Have no problems at all & items were perfect.

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