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Shipping costs from Poland to Croatia?

6 Feb 2014 #1
Hi everyone,
I wanted to order some clothes from a webshop in Poland. I freezed when I saw the shipping costs I would have to pay! Almost as much as the clothes.

So I was wondering if the costs for sending abroad were really that high in Poland, or the webshop is trying to reap me off.

Shipping destination is Croatia and this would be a small package or a large envelope. They are charging it 116,85 PLN.
If anyone knows approximately how much this kind of shipping would really cost in a post office, I'd appreciate your reply.

Here's the whole list of their shipping changes. Even the lowest cost for some European countries seems overrated to me.
Austria 70,11 PLN
Belgium 70,11 PLN
Czech Republic 70,11 PLN
Denmark 70,11 PLN
Estonia 70,11 PLN
Netherlands 70,11 PLN
Lithuania 70,11 PLN
Luxembourg 70,11 PLN
Latvia 70,11 PLN
Germany 70,11 PLN
Slovakia 70,11 PLN
Hungary 70,11 PLN
Bulgaria 93,48 PLN
Finland 93,48 PLN
France 93,48 PLN
Romania 93,48 PLN
Slovenia 93,48 PLN
Sweden 93,48 PLN
Great Britain 93,48 PLN
Italy 93,48 PLN
Croatia 116,85 PLN
Greece 116,85 PLN
Spain 116,85 PLN
Ireland 116,85 PLN
Portugal 116,85 PLN
Bosnia and Herzegovina 303,81 PLN
Norway 303,81 PLN
Serbia 303,81 PLN
Switzerland 303,81 PLN
milawi - | 60
6 Feb 2014 #2
If anyone knows approximately how much this kind of shipping would really cost in a post office

It would cost around 60 zł for the heaviest letter (up to 2 kg) and about the same price for the smallest package (up to 1 kg).
7 Feb 2014 #3
It depends of what kind of courier do they use. For example in this one the smallest package to Euro IV zone (in which Croatia is) would cost 149 zł
OP LelaCro
8 Feb 2014 #4
Thanks, I'll ask them what courier they are using.

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