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Selling car for scrap in Poland

WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
12 Oct 2017 #1
For people who know a thing or two about cars [I'm certainly no expert].

We've had an old Volkswagen sitting at the front of the house [off road] for a few months. It is not being used anymore and has no road tax, MOT etc. It does still run but needs to be loaded up with a car battery.

We had a leaflet through the door from a company who buys cars like this, probably to sell for parts.

Just wondering, when we sell [if we sell it], what do we need to give them [the buyer]? You know, to prove transfer of ownership, so we are no longer responsible for it?
Roger5 1 | 1,458
12 Oct 2017 #2
I've only scrapped two cars, both in Poland, and had to give the registration documents. The scrapyard will have a form for you to fill in. Do they actually pay now in the UK? It used to be the case that they'd charge 50 quid to take it away. Why not phone the scrapyard and get it from the horse's mouth?
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
12 Oct 2017 #3
Perhaps I don't need to scrap it.

The leaflet says

'sell your car or van today, cash'

'We also do the following
Scrap cars
Write offs
Any milage
Transportation with or without tax
Same day collection
Same day payment'

Then there is a number and and it says cheap tow/recovery on the bottom.

Given that the car is not a write off and does still work, even though it's old, it might still work.
DominicB - | 2,704
13 Oct 2017 #4

In the States, I would buy beaters, and whenever I had to get rid of them, I would call a Jewish charity and donate it. They would give me a receipt for the blue book "good condition" value. The tax write off was close to what I originally paid for the car, and much more than the car was worth at the time of donation.So essentially, my cars were for free as I recovered the cost when I got rid of them.

The charity ran a program for disadvantaged inner-city youth, where they taught them how to repair these cars. They then resold them to disadvantaged inner-city residents.

I would be surprised if something similar does not exist in Poland. Contact church charities like Caritas and see if you can find a similar program.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
13 Oct 2017 #5
WP, your thread title mentions Poland but you talk about road tax and MOT. Where are you?
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
13 Oct 2017 #6
I never put Poland in the title of my thread. That must have been added in by a mod for some reason.

I'm in the UK. That's why I put this in the off-topic area.
raden - | 2
3 Dec 2017 #7
my disappointment from selling, we agreed to see that it was 450km from my house, and when I got there, in front of my nose he gave it to my other

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