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Where can I sell my mobile phone or shaver in Poland?

15 Jan 2015 #1

Are there any portals here where i can advertise to sell my mobile phone? Or any shops who would purchase it from me?

15 Jan 2015 #2
The little kiosks in the underpasses around the central station which sell second-hand phones also buy used phones.
Monitor 13 | 1,816
15 Jan 2015 #3 or The 1st will be easier for you.
Forfour44 9 | 94
15 Jan 2015 #4
What phone are you trying to sell? How much?
pigsy 7 | 304
16 Jan 2015 #5
How much can 5s i phone gold can be sold for?
Forfour44 9 | 94
16 Jan 2015 #6
To a phone shop 1100zl. Privately 1600zl. In good condition.
OP newguyinwarsaw
16 Jan 2015 #7
And how about HTC one? It is in Warranty without contract in very good condition.
2 Feb 2015 #8
ForFour44 and how much would it be for an iphone 4s 16GB black?
15 Oct 2016 #9
Merged: Where can i get the best price to sell my phone in Warsaw


I want to sell my phone in Warsaw, where can I get the best price? Are the shops in Centrum metro underground any good?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,090
15 Oct 2016 #10
check the price on allegro and you will know what to expect.
24 Jan 2018 #11

Where can i sell a shaver in Warsaw Poland?


I was recently gifted a high model of a Philips shaver, but i really do not want it as i already have one.

I wanted to ask if there are some shops where i can go and sell it at a reduced price? I have tried olx and facebook but got no response. And there is no possibility to have the bill.
jon357 75 | 22,601
25 Jan 2018 #12
Donate it to the Sue Ryder shop - they will take unwanted gifts.
13 Sep 2018 #13

Want to sell an year old iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB


I want to sell my iPhone 8 Plus which I purchased last year when launched. The phone is is excellent condition without even a scratch or marks or anything. And it actually looks like a brand new.

Can someone help me me to know that what is the best place to sell the same in Wroclaw?


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