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Is it safe for Indians, Sikhs living here in Poland? Any Temple / Gurudwara in Wroclaw?

dolnoslask 5 | 2,456    
3 May 2017  #91
Wishing you all the best

Likewise , Hope you have every success in Poland.
Bieganski 17 | 906    
3 May 2017  #92
Poland needs cultural diversity. Until there is a mix, you won't move forward. Diversity and how women are treated is an indicator of how advanced society is.

Here we go again. More baseless shaming language packaged in meaningless "feel good" platitudes from an economic migrant with a high expectation of being given unearned acceptance and obviously a good paying job in Poland or another modern EU economy with a high standard of living which he couldn't create for himself back home.

As usual there is no explanation provided as to why Poland needs cultural diversity and no explanation either about what there is to move forward from or into. Nope. He couldn't even point to his homeland as a positive example of it. Instead, Indianman shows up uninvited and is miffed that there is no red carpet lined on both sides with admiring and applauding Poles waiting to welcome him.

Before anyone starts bobbing their ganja-fogged heads in unquestioning agreement with the PC proclamations from this latest unregistered swami and his unsolicited dispensing of leftist identity politics, his education should first be called into question and his true reason for being in Poland:

Critics say India's universities are too focused on rote memorization, leaving students without the critical thinking skills required to solve problems. Teachers are paid low salaries, leading to poor quality of instruction.


Indeed, when people can't trade on knowledge and talent they end up competing by being willing to work for less (way less) while overstating or completely lying about their qualifications (seriously, who in Poland is going to call India to confirm education transcripts or employment references?).

Recently PM Szydło stated she does not want Poland to be a country of cheap labor. She's absolutely right. It is low now in many sectors compared to some other EU countries which makes Poland competitive. However, importing migrants from the overpopulated, crime ridden, highly corrupt, heavily polluted, rampantly diseased, socially backward third world who are willing to work slave wages in order to live in a modern society like Poland which they played no part in developing will only worsen the standard of living for Poles and their Polish children trying to enter the labor market.

The fruits of opportunities and benefits grown from Polish sacrifice and investment should not be handed over to smiling, unskilled, poorly educated third worlders who suddenly show up with empty pockets and their hands out.

And what a hoot that an Indian is lecturing others about the "advancement of a society equating to the treatment of its women." Hilarious! Obviously he isn't referring to India. You know one of the top ranked countries with a very long history of female foeticide and sex-selective abortion disproportionately terminating pregnancies when the gender is found to be female. The same practice which is still very commonplace (even when it goes underground) with the Indian diaspora particularly those living in the EU.

Your ancestorsy blood line, Slavic, migrated to Poland. Therefore Poland is not homegeneous.

More corrosive lies and contradiction in statements. If according to this swami Poland was never homogenous to begin with then why earlier did he proclaim that Poland needs diversity and wouldn't move "forward" until there is a mix?

As already pointed out, this is a fine example of the Indian education system. Nothing more than rote memorization of Cultural Marxist BS without the ability to stop and critically assess that he himself is completely full of it.

He is simply relying on there being enough "white guilt liberals" out there to facilitate him having a very content life for himself in Europe. Dumb white men who will willingly open doors of opportunities for him and dumber white women (with all the social safety nets in place to catch them when it all falls apart) who will willing spread their legs for his further enjoyment.
NoToForeigners 6 | 958    
5 May 2017  #93
Poland is safe for foreigners as long as they obey our law and not try to change the country to suit them by forcing alien laws. When a foreigner does the latter then... well.. Just watch this.
20 May 2018  #94
I have lived in Poland for 40+ years now. Having visited many other places abroad, I can honestly say that Poland is the most intolerant country that I have ever been to. Sad but true.
cms neuf - | 768    
20 May 2018  #95
Ever been to Pakistan ?
mafketis 17 | 6,756    
20 May 2018  #96
to be fair, the massive religious intolerance and unremitting violence against anyone who isn't a sunni muslim is a relatively recent development, probably related to saudi influence after the grand mosque seisure (the most important historical event no one remembers) and the subsequent sunni convergence into intolerant religious fundamentalism

I remember an interview with a Pakistani man who said when he was a child (60s maybe early 70s) he and his friends played soccer and openly drank water during the day during ramadan and no one cared, whereas now it would start a riot or three
Crow 143 | 7,411    
22 May 2018  #97
Of course Indians are safe in Poland. Much safer then in London where Muslims and sharia law rule. Plus, Buddha was White and Scythian (ie Slavic) and we Slavs respect Indian respect for Slavs. Just, just, don`t try to convince Poles how is normal for woman to marry a dog. See, don`t speak to Poles of it and all will be fine. Believe me, they wouldn`t understand.


source: NESREĆNU DEVOJČICU UDALI ZA PSA: Venčaću se za čoveka jednog dana
translation: Unlucky girl family married to a dog; One day I would marry a man
(story says that she have to be wife to a dog at least six month, because of her bad karma. First dog must have her and just then a man)
Singh22 - | 1    
29 Jul 2018  #98
Not at all, you seem to obsessed with getting rid of any culture. Looking for a job or study or starting a business has nothing to do with being intimidated, bullied or abused. Walkan we all have human rights, we all have choices, we all have the right not to harassed. It is a proven fact in all societies that diversity encourages productivity, so the economical status is increased. Do your research, this will show you how countries develop.
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
29 Jul 2018  #99
Would India accept 500,000,000 Chinese because "diversity encourages productivity'?
If not 500,000,000, how many?

Dumb white men who will willingly open doors of opportunities for him and dumber white women

Great post. If you decide to run for US president I will vote for you.
I so agree with you that all evil starts with the stupid, irresponsible, guilt-ridden, white, liberal a-holes.

Yesterday, I asked a very simple question. Any reason why I am not getting an answer from the "diversity is wonderful" side? Is it that diversity is wonderful only for the white people?
cms neuf - | 768    
30 Jul 2018  #100
You probably don't get an answer because few people want to engage with trolls or chat bots.
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
30 Jul 2018  #101
They won't answer because they know they will be nailed to the wall in less than two posts.

BTW, if my question is trolling, why didn't you object to this: It is a proven fact in all societies that diversity encourages productivity, so the economical status is increased. in a post before mine? Clearly, a self-serving bs, but somehow it went under your finely tuned troll detection system.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,089    
30 Jul 2018  #102
Is it that diversity is wonderful only for the white people?

Naturally, and resisting it is racist. Its the same at a micro level - minorities complain how their neighborhood is filthy, crime ridden and the only stores are check cashing, liquor stores and beauty supply with multiple locations each all on the same strip. But when white people move in and open up businesses like health food stores, yoga studios, Starbucks, whole foods, restaurants that don't mainly serve fried chicken amd catfish, etc and increase property values well then it's gentrification. They complain about crime and lack of cops, then when cops do start patrolling and arresting dealers on the corner they complain about harassment.

Unless a white person suffers and non whites receive 'free' stuff, you're good. Anything else you're in the wrong you ******* cis white male!
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
30 Jul 2018  #103
But when white people move in and open up businesses and increase property values well then it's gentrification.

...and maybe even genocide.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,089    
30 Jul 2018  #104
Oh ya forgot about that. They complain about genocide even thoughb they're outreeding natives and pop out offsprimg like stoned test bunnies here and in europe.

To suggest that a husband and wife shouldn't have more kids than they can feed is of course... racist... or 'culturally insensitive.' Just shut up and pay your taxes so freeloaders can be fed, housed and habe all their bills and healthcare provided for and teach their 5 kids on how to fill out applications for free ****

In some countries especially in Africa the biggest chunk of the population are young men. In Niger it's nearly half And they all want to come to the west. These are the doctors and engineers Merkel was talking about.. which they are more like witch doctors and mud hut engineers
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
30 Jul 2018  #105
....and AIDS carriers looking for more virgins because they ran out of their own.

Is there anything good at all that ever came out of this God-forsaken hellhole?
12 Mar 2019  #106
God, I'm actually scared after reading this thread. I hope the majority of Poland doesn't think the way as its portrayed here. I've been offered a job by the company (Warsaw) I've always dreamed of working , so I can not say no to them. I'm a Sikh and wear turban , seeing natives getting offended by people who look different and justifying attacks on them has got me worried.
mafketis 17 | 6,756    
12 Mar 2019  #107
actually scared after reading this thread

This forum is not typical of Poland at all, it's mostly non-Polish people, many of them mentally ill who shout all kinds of nonsense.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
12 Mar 2019  #108
I'm a Sikh and wear turban

Plenty of them in Warsaw, so you have nothing to worry about.
Shitonya Brits    
12 Mar 2019  #109
I'm a Sikh and wear turban , seeing natives getting offended by people who look different and justifying attacks on them has got me worried.


Another caste tainted Indian nationalist pretending to be a morally superior victim while shilling for diversity in Europe.

So why was the long-running conflict in Kashmir in the news again within the past week?

You know, with India (which has weapons of mass destruction) bombing Pakistan (which also has weapons of mass destruction) shooting back.

Here is why the Kashmir conflict will never end:

Kashmir conflict is not just a border dispute between India and Pakistan

- Kashmir is a multi-ethnic region with several internal sub-regions, whose inhabitants have distinct political goals.

- Establishing peace in the region would require both India and Pakistan to reconcile the multiple - and sometimes conflicting - aspirations of the diverse peoples of this region.

So why are you so worried that you know you won't ever be treated like a prince in Poland while walking away from the the diversity-based violent conflict going on in your own country?

mostly non-Polish people, many of them mentally ill who shout all kinds of nonsense.

Like lonely American Baby Boomers living in Poland with their sex dolls.

Plenty of them in Warsaw

"Plenty of them" huh? Sounds just like the sort of racist dog-whistle a delusional, pale, stale incel with a misplaced sense of entitlement would use. It's right up there with your fellow Brit Amber Rudd recently using the offensive term "coloured woman."

A non-racist would have said Warsaw has a significant Sikh community.

Britain has a large Sikh community as well. You consciously abandoned diverse Britain over a decade ago. You also consciously avoided Warsaw with its more diverse communities in favour of significantly less diverse areas and those much closer to the German border too.

You definitely exhibit repetitive patterns of studiously avoiding diverse areas but then preaching for it. Why is that?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,679    
12 Mar 2019  #110
A non-racist would have said Warsaw has a significant Sikh community.

that is kind of true, shittie....
mafketis 17 | 6,756    
12 Mar 2019  #111
You definitely exhibit repetitive patterns

like I said... mental illness, there's plenty of mentally ill people on this forum...
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
12 Mar 2019  #112
Without doubt.

Still, his lengthy diatribes are enjoyable.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,089    
12 Mar 2019  #113
A couple dozen maybe hundred or so Sikh wearing turbans is not 'plenty.' Hes still going to get stared at by poles and ukrainians and perhaps verbally harassed every so often.

Remember what happened when a Sikh refused to take off the towel on his head when trying to get into a Krakow nightclub?

Point is, if you dress different expect to be treated as an outsider. Assimilate, take off the rag and you won't have problems. People will just think your another s Asian working in IT, which I'm willing to bet is the field you'll be working in....
12 Mar 2019  #114
I am scared! Does this group really represent polish thinking,culture and Poland at large? I am an Indian and was thinking of coming to Poland for Master's. This discussion really made me to give a second thought about it.
12 Mar 2019  #115
I just read that story of the guy from London in Krakow with the turban who wasnt allowed in the bar. It seems they didnt want him in before even mentioning the turban so it was ethnic or nationalist bouncers. But there are multiple clubs in Warsaw just as bad as this and all of them play discopolo music. What is it with discopolo and polish thugs? Is there some correlations like rap and black thugs in the US? FOr instance, never go to the Explosion club in Warsaw and if you dont believe me just read some reviews on Yelp. Even me, a white Pollack who grew up in the us and was deported after prison, was harassed there because I was tkaing photos inside of the lighting. They didnt like that. They just love to get touchy and do not know how to keep their hands to themselves. This one dude just started touching me from the side because I was walking with a drink slowly as I was getting my phone camera ready from one parkiet to another and it was on side though but I guess because I touched literally touched one of the dancing areas with my foot and had a drink in hand he decided to lightlky nudge me but in an aggressive face and told me to move to the side or some crap. But it was small instances there after another like that with those Pollacks. Later all of a sudden they had a problem with me having a bag there where I ahd my Macbook Air laptop from earlier I was doing work on and all of a sudden tehy wanted me to put it in the locker area (probably so they can check inside and steal it) and two of them tried also intimidating me.

By the way, there really is no reason to risk it and go to any nightclubs in Poland. Those bouncers are cowards anyway that will gian up on you or use weapons like mace. There really is no way of winning with them and all thsoe gold diggers and ****** in those clubs are lame anyway.

The worst thing is that when they are full or a weekend night. Its impossible to get in anywhere being a lonely even whtie young male. Theyll just make some excuse or say dress code to not let you in whether youre muslim or not.

On Parkowia street in Warsaw I already told you guys how the gang of bouncers act both at the Pijalnia there and across in the diskopolo club. I think some of those bouncers actually switch and work one and the other places. SO again its not just dark people that have problems here, but why did that club owner even apologise to the Indian or the media even cared. I have seen way worse things like I already mentioned and wrote about it on this forum and the media never contacted me after I wrote it here and those bouncers still work there whow ere pepper spraying those people including a woman and kept shoving the guy as he was getting up in pain. SO what gives?

Here is that article how theyb apologised. You guys also remember my story in the Pijalnia near jerozolimska (maybe its jan pawel forgot but near palm tree) where that one dude tried to steal my bag with laptop and ipad and tried to get recover fee or money from me and every polish person on here didnt even find that a big deal like its a normal? So why did the media even write an article about that indian and gave him so much attention if polish are treated like that or worse?

What connections did he have and where did he find them in such a short trip? usually cops in Warsaw dont show up to anything till like 45 minutes later. Is Krakow that different?
pawian 151 | 7,983    
12 Mar 2019  #116
I am an Indian and was thinking of coming to Poland for Master's. This discussion really made me to give a second thought about it.

Sorry, but if you really want to make such a decision after looking through a thread on a forum (any, not only this one), then it might be better if you stayed at home. Poland needs diversity and gentle Indian immigrants but I personally prefer those more intelligent ones. :)

like I said... mental illness, there's plenty of mentally ill people on this forum...

Yes, sometimes I feel like I need to consult a psychiatrist. :)
Spike31 2 | 869    
13 Mar 2019  #117
Poland needs diversity

Poland has enough diversity already. We've got Mazovians, Kuyavians, Silesians, Gorals, Kaszubs, Warsavians, Cracovians, Pomeranians etc.

And then we've got doctors, soldiers, bakers, politicians, speedway racers, teachers, dancers, artists, coal miners...and it all works just fine.

Isn't that enough?

What Poland doesn't have (and doesn't need) are: terrorist attacks, non-integrating minorities, dissolution of cultural integrity, mass rapes and groping on NY eve like Germany, France, the UK and Sweden has
johnny reb 16 | 3,134    
13 Mar 2019  #118
dissolution of cultural integrity

How very polished.
I have never heard that term used before to describe disgusting and toxic filth.
Very Politically Correct I must say.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
13 Mar 2019  #119
What Poland doesn't have (and doesn't need) are: terrorist attacks

Actually, Poland already has problems with domestic terrorists, as well as terrorists among the Polonia.

Still, the best thing is knowing that the current government have an open door policy for migration. Other countries have quotas, like Estonia. Poland doesn't.
13 Mar 2019  #120
@Shitonya Brits
Wow , I think you went off topic pretty much. But to clear what you said, its all politically motivated. Kashmir issue has been going on and will go on forever because political parties in both countries get major vote banks based on this issue, so the day when it gets resolved , it's over for them. It has nothing to do with diversity. Kashmir is just like any other state in India with its distinctiveness. I hope you know that India is the most diverse country in world (from language,lifestyle to appearance). I agree that bad people are everywhere, but I don't think people get beaten here very frequently just because they look different.

I don't know how are you generalizing.I or the whole community as you mentioned, are not running away from diversity, we love it and that's the truth. And like you said, I don't want to be treated like a prince here. Just a normal citizen who's doing his job peacefully. I don't want to get beaten up just because of my appearance, that's it.

You're a Brit I guess, why so much grudge against Sikhs?

@dirk diggler
It's called a turban :)
And I'm working in video game industry.

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