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Poland safe for a Greek?

Crow 152 | 9,735
25 Feb 2018 #91
Poles, do you know how Turks founded themselves in Europe first time? Your Serbian brat will tell you, so that you get info.

First Turks in Europe were Turkish mercenaries called and paid by Eastern Roman (ie Byzantine) general and statesman John VI Kantakouzenos (14th century), Greek nobleman. They were paid to penetrate borders of the Serbian Empire and inflict damage. So, once when Turks learned how fast they can cross Dardanelles they started thinking of conquest. Our Emperor Dushan The Mighty Nemanjic (bdw, highest ranking ancestor noble house in family tree of Polish Jadwiga and so, ancestral house to Jadwiga) wanted to establish chain of border fortresses but, didn`t got Greek support. In fact, when Serbian Orthodox Church declared itself independent from Greek Orthodox Church and when Dushan constituted himself for the Tzar, Greeks cursed him and Serbs. By their opinion, it was abominable that one who is Slavic infidel can become Emperor and have equal rank to Eastern Romans/Greeks.

That`s how it started. Rest is history. Once when Turks were in Europe all Whites except Slavs collaborated with them, not just Greeks. Only Slavs offered real resistance, especially Serbs, Poles and Russians.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
25 Feb 2018 #92
And then the Winged Hussars arrived!
Crow 152 | 9,735
25 Feb 2018 #93
Yes, after they got wings from Serbians. But anyway, true, if not for the Polish timely intervention, nowhere in Europe nor Greek, nor anybody else would be safe.

And Greek today ask is he safe in Poland. Safer then in Greece, that for sure.

Ooooo, these Greeks do have backbone. Will be something good from them. They burned car of muja heretic

Albanian consul's car torched in Greece


A vehicle belonging to the Albanian consulate in Thessaloniki, Greece, has been set on fire and "significantly damaged," the Greek police said.

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