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Requirements to move to Poland

19 Aug 2012 #1
Greetings. I'm hoping somebody will help me with this. My girlfriend would want to move to Poland to live with me. She's Dutch. Could anyone please tell me exactly what documents would she need to live here. Birth certificate, taxes history... Anything of that sort. And would requirements be any different in case we would be married?

I will really appreciate any help.
ashywildflower 1 | 9
20 Aug 2012 #2

She is a member of the European Union, so I would think she can come live in Poland and then ask for a residence card.

She will need birth certificate and passport, also her working contract if she would work in Poland.
hudsonhicks 21 | 346
20 Aug 2012 #3
I would certainly hope she wouldn't need anything to live in Poland.

2 Million Poles live in the United Kingdom and they didn't need anything
FilipB - | 1
11 Oct 2012 #4
To move here she will need documents confirming her identity (e.g. passport, birth certificate) in order to obtain a residence card.
The relocation company may be useful in handling all procedures. In case she needs assistance in relocation/removal, please feel free to contact me: filip.baranowski(at)

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