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Poland Postcard Delivery Time?

cecily11 1 | 1
30 Aug 2016 #1
How long does it take in days will my postcard sent from zakopane to arrive in lublin? I sent one to a friend but I think he ignored it. Its been a week already. I just made a move now that I am ready to make peace since we had a falling out years ago. If he ignored it, I think I have to accept he does not want to be friends with me anymore.
30 Aug 2016 #2
It should definitely take less than a week; probably up to 4 business days, more likely 3 (unless you sent it on Saturday).
OP cecily11 1 | 1
30 Aug 2016 #3
I see. So, I will just take that he ignored it. Thanks for the reply.
1 Nov 2016 #4
Merged: Unbelievably long delay....

I posted x4 postcards (from my Polish holiday) two weeks` ago in one of the mail boxes outside Gdansk main Post Office each to an address in the UK - each costing 5fl. and they still have not arrived. I assume I wasted my money, ie. price of cards and price of postage stamps.

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