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Polls on Poland

slick578 11 | 16
10 May 2011 #1
I would really appreciate peoples input on the polls on DYSP about life in Poland, teaching English and learning Polish.
Maybe we can get some statistical data on these things!

The polls run down the right hand side of the site and right at the bottom is even one about Polish beer brands!

Here's the link - DYSP:

Obviously, none of these polls really apply to native Polish people...sorry!
10 May 2011 #2
Well, it's a good idea to get some sort of mass opinion on things like 'average teaching wage' etc... but I can't help think that anyone can just find the site and click on an answer, making the results useless.

But then again not many people accidentally stumble upon a Polish expat blog right?

Besides, the post about 'polls' and 'poles' for dancing is mildly funny for a tuesday evening!
OP slick578 11 | 16
11 May 2011 #3
The blog is kind of 'niche' so I don't think many people would just stumble upon it and besides, if you're not really looking for the polls, they are easy to miss so I'm hoping to get some really good data out of this.

1 day has gone and already 21 voters so it seems to be popular!

Here's the link again
15 May 2011 #4
I've voted!
Where will the results be published? I'm assuming on another page on the blog?

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