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Political correctness in Poland

kaprys 1 | 1,605    
13 May 2019  #151
So there's no source to support your claim?
As for its likelihood - so there's this gentleman you know who is still alive who knows an obscure usage of the word żydowka from at least 120 years ago. Well ... how old is he?

Since I like learning about such things, I googled it. I found no results in Polish. I found just one in English - about French in Algieria.

I also found information about Zvi Migdal but no linguistic references to the word żydowka meaning prostitute.
There is a negative meaning of the word żyd as someone mean or greedy but no negative meanings of the word żydowka.

To native speakers of Polish, should we also come up with new phrases to describe finka, we gierka, japonki or amerykanka? ;)
Lyzko 20 | 6,170    
13 May 2019  #152
As an apparently educated, young Polish speaker, I can't see how you wouldn't, that is, wouldn't want to:-)
kaprys 1 | 1,605    
13 May 2019  #153
And what exactly wouldn't I want?
Lyzko 20 | 6,170    
13 May 2019  #154
How would you NOT want to know or "come up" with a new phrase to describe "we gierka" etc.
You seem curious.
kaprys 1 | 1,605    
13 May 2019  #155
That was auto correct :) what's wrong with węgierka? :D
Out of curiosity, would you like to 'come up' with a new phrase to describe the North/South Pole? Or do you say 'nail enamel' instead of 'nail polish'? How come there's no new verb that would prevent people from using this terribly offensive verb 'to polish' ?!?!?!
Lyzko 20 | 6,170    
13 May 2019  #156
The wonders and mysteries of language:-) Why does for instance English have "BENEfits" but not "MALEfits". huh? Instead we use the totally unrelated sounding, yet thoroughly 'antonymous' "DRAWBACKS", also "SHORTCOMINGS", the latter of which has nothing to do with being short, even less to do with either coming or goingLOL

Same for "drawbacks". There is no "back" in "drawbacks!
kaprys 1 | 1,605    
13 May 2019  #157
So will you help me understand your point, please?
I should be concerned about using finka or węgierka in Polish but when it comes to using '(North) Pole','to polish' or 'china etc in English, it's the wonders and mysteries of language?
Lyzko 20 | 6,170    
13 May 2019  #158
You're right, I stand corrected, kaprys. The wonders and vagueries of language:-)
See you didn't catch my Anglo-Saxon irony.
kaprys 1 | 1,605    
13 May 2019  #159
Well, I never catch your irony. I'm not sure I'd call it Anglo-Saxon irony. Not sure I'd actually call it irony ... but I agree I don't catch it. ;)
Lyzko 20 | 6,170    
13 May 2019  #160
I'm (very) sure, and don't feel bad, you're not the only oneLOL

Back on topic please
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,082    
17 May 2019  #161

Polish Patriots handing it to the kebab flip flopistanis for molesting a Polish woman.

Ass whooping sound track included.

No PC here. If only western European men had half the backbone that Poles do their countries wouldnt be facing thousands of rapes every year and nonstop spontaneous cultural enrichment.
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
17 May 2019  #162
Hey, easy with that anti-immigrant NAZI talk...BB told me that they are good for the economy so what's the big deal with a couple of rapes. Those, too, add to the GNP.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,082    
17 May 2019  #163
Suuuure they're great for the economy. That's why Merkel was demanding that other countries 'share the burden' - her words. Perhaps Merkel is a anti immigrant Nazi considering she's calling the newcomers a 'burden'? Or let's just look at dollars and cents or in this case euros. 20 billion a year goes to migrants for welfare, housing, food, etc. If you consider ancillary costs like medical care, education, prosecuting and locking them up, etc the figure is reportedly triple. That means if you do the calculations an average working German spends a months salary just supporting the migrants.
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
17 May 2019  #164
That's what I have been screaming about here, but some geniuses will still tell you that spending all that money on this human garbage is "good for the economy" because it "circulates". Pathetic.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,544    
18 May 2019  #165
Positive thing in Poland: you can laugh about political correctness
Downside: You have to read utter gibberish from certain people
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,014    
18 May 2019  #166
Positive thing in Poland: you can laugh about political correctness

You can laugh all you want until the pc mental disorder reaches the level where the culture of a nation is destroyed. Then it's not funny at all. Poland is lucky and will continue that way until the Western pc morons shame Polish patriots into submission. My sense is that their first target are Poland's abortion laws and the Church. Once this dam cracks and goes down, Poland's days are numbered since Poland has no borders. Just as "America's" with her 50,000,000 unborn being systematically replaced by the sewer scum.
Spike31 2 | 863    
19 May 2019  #167
About political correctness in Poland.

This track was played in all major radio stations and on TV back in 2005 and it was completely normal :-)

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