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Poles eager to leave Poland

Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #1
So many Polaks are eager to leave Poland. It seems they will do anything to leave Poland, anything!

Many Poles, although not all, come to the US to clean toilets. These Poles travel thousands of miles to clean toilets.

Poles are excellent at cleaning toilets. Are Poles trained on college to clean toilets? If not, do they enjoy cleaning toilets because they like the smell?

Poland is a beautiful country. Poles honor our Blessed Virgin Mary. Poland has the best churches, I can tell you that as a fact.

God bless Poland.
30 Oct 2016 #2
they will do anything to leave Poland, anything!

By 'anything' - you mean pulling out a credit card and buying a ticket or getting into a car to travel freely whenever they desire?
30 Oct 2016 #3
My sister in law is leaving Poland a lot, on her three month, annual world tour. She must to be up to 50 countries over the past 5 years.

Think about that while smelling your way round Albany's toilets, worker slave.

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