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Poland PLAY (Mobile) - Voicemail - Iphone

2 Jan 2014 #1
Hello All

I'm wondering if anyone else on can help with this. Does anybody have PLAY as their service provider with an Iphone?

I'm trying to setup this visual voicemail, however I've done as requested of PLAY which is send the message START to 80808 and nothing has happened.

At first of I got a message telling me it would be 24 hours, and to check the status of this by sending STATUS to 80808, however 24 hours has long passed and when I send status to this number it keeps telling me voicemail is undergoing changes.

Having searched online I have found people with the same problem in the PLAY forum but then they just stop posting so I don't know of the outcome

Any would be much appreciated


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7 Dec 2014 #2
So maybe it took more time than the 24 hours?
You have done everything right, so it shouldn't be a problem, but you could also activate the service by scanning QR code from the site: (click on the 'Aktywacja' tab)
8 Nov 2017 #3

Is it possible to listen to old voicemail messages on


I have a suscription with, and I had 2 messages on my voicemail.

I called to *200 and I managed to listen to one of them, but my voicemail was in Polish, so I decided to change my voicemail language.

Unfortunately, it seems I am not able to listen to them.

Could someone with a Play suscription tell me the keys to press in order to listen to an old message?

Best regards

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