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Pepper Spray in Poland?

23 Dec 2014 #31
Why are you trying to convince me to let my guard down?

All I'm trying to say is that I think your wanting to arm yourself with weapons is a bit extreme considering that the worst thing that has happened to you as far as I know, is that someone has kicked your car. By all means be aware of what's going on around you, but you're giving the impression that you're living somewhere totally unsafe unsafe when you're not.

because you have yours down?

That's a bit unfair to be honest.
Not wanting to arm myself with weapons doesn't mean I'm walking around totally oblivious to what's going on around me.
I just refuse to view every person on the street as a potential attacker, when 9 times out of 10 they probably aren't.

Please dont preach me.

That wasn't my intention. I was just trying to put things into perspective.
johnny reb 33 | 7,271
23 Dec 2014 #32
Is that some kind of threat?

No, it was a trick question.

And your point son?

That the enviroment of the hood in Jersey may be the reason that you have this phobia of
being attacked.
You "claim" to be going to Poland (which I find highly doubtful) and afraid of being attacked
because of your ethnic back ground. Ya trackin' with me now bro ?
That was my point.

And just to inform you jamaica aint better then new jersey.

Can't remember claiming it is however have you ever been to Jamaica to compare the two ?
Let me ask you then, "why do millions of tourists go to Jamaica every year and people avoid
high street crime Jersey like the plague ?"

cursing maybe cuz it had american plates

What country did this happen in ?

I donot to begin with as they would only give me liability

And the reason for that must be because it is a very old clunker with a load of dents already ?
Something just doesn't add up to why you have such consternation to think you need to carry
a weapon unless you come from a surrounding that requires you to for mere survival.
Wroclaw Boy
23 Dec 2014 #33
Johnny's managed to be quite reasonable on this thread, I'm impressed.

I used to carry pepper spray in Poland when i was driving because of the Romanian car jackers, i got stopped by a car load of these guys once and it could have been nasty. I drove through Germany and got busted for the pepper spray as i forget i had it in the car, a trip to the Police station and a 100 Euro fine. B@stards.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
23 Dec 2014 #34
when i was driving because of the Romanian car jackers

I am driving all the time in Poland on all kinds of roads everywhere. Never saw any of these imaginary "Romanian car jackers". Also never read something about this in the press, not even in the colored ones....
pigsy 7 | 305
25 Dec 2014 #35
@johnny reb....dont want to start an arguement,but I would like to update/educate you and maybe wake you it was in Poland,Warsaw,and the old clunker was nothing but a luxury car I bring for 2 yrs new model every 2 years I buy to drive in Poland and avoid paying taxes by shipping it back legally.

About going to Jamaica to live those tourists usually live in 5star hotels not in the slums where some/most dare to wander around.
Just to update I do travel to Poland every other month (6 times a year) for my investments(businessclass paid for by miles by star alliance).

Back to topic,I do always keep a self defensive ARTICLE* but would require to keep a more remotely used one in Poland legally ofcourse.Just to remind you I have more to loose than to gain so rather engage in legal ownership.

BTW sorry to to be informative the car brands are lexus and maybach & I am/use to be, a candy shop operator by some members:)
johnny reb 33 | 7,271
25 Dec 2014 #36
I can't reply without hijacking the thread even though I do not believe a
word of your posts in it.

I am/use to be, a candy shop operator by some members

You mean like nose candy in the hood ?
No wonder you are so parinoid and feel you need a weapon to protect yourself.

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