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what is a pedialyte alternative in Poland?

oxygenman 2 | -
22 Jan 2013 #1
My child is sick and I need to buy a rehydration solution. Something like Pedialyte sold in the United States. Does anyone know what that would be called in Poland?
gumishu 13 | 6,067
22 Jan 2013 #2
look for gastrolit or orsalit (ask if it is suitable for children first - I read that orsalit should be suitable) or ask for 'preparaty rehydratacyjne dla dzieci' (write it on the piece of paper to show it in a pharmacy)
nasadki - | 43
22 Jan 2013 #3
Is gatorade and powerade sold in Poland? Dont know how old your child is but these drinks have the required sodium and electrolytes needed to replenish what is lost via dehydration and vomiting. If you cant find Pedialyte, gatorade/powerade will do the trick in a pinch. At a much lower price also.
jkb - | 198
23 Jan 2013 #4
You can definitely buy Powerade in Poland
4 Dec 2018 #5
Can someone tell me the price for gatorade/powerade in Poland, and then how much would it cost to ship it to north-western Ukraine, which is a next-door neighbor? Thank you in advance!

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