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Package between Poland and Turkey

28 Apr 2017 #1

My friend send me package from Poland to Turkey 2 days ago(26 April) Its writing now ''28 April, 10:44 The item was forwarded to the destination country'' They said to her ''It will deliver in 3-4 working days'' when she gave to package at 26 April. Is this package coming with plane? Can I get that package at Monday or Tuesday? My friend choosed the fastest option.
jon357 74 | 21,900
28 Apr 2017 #2
Almost certainly by plane. When you get the package depends on the system in Turkey, since the package is now there.
3 Jun 2018 #3

Package from Turkey to Poland


I send package from Turkey to Poland at 21 April. It didnt move since more than 1 month and finally It showed up on Poczta Polska at 28 May. Its writing ''Package in transportation'' It happened after I opened investigation(Idk the other word. Im sorry) Status changed after more than 1 month. Why now, why nothing happened before? Is my friend will get my package? I thought they lost my gift but It showed uo days ago.

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