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Polish ID number - Numer Dowodu Osobistego required in Poland

JollyRomek 7 | 475
13 Apr 2015 #1
It has been wrecking my head for some time and now, that I wanted to order a new phone contract online, I finally had enough.

It seems that hardly any bank or in this case internet shop in Poland takes into consideration that some people (foreigners) do not have a "numer dowodu osobistego" or the one they have (identity card number or passport number) does not match the Polish criteria of ABC000000 for example.

When I applied for my credit card, this was already wrecking my head because although some banks have the application form in English, it became useless when they ask for the identity card number. Same now for which when ordering a new contract, is asking for the identity card number with the Polish criteria which I can not provide as my passport is German.

Does anyone know how to go about this? Is there some kind of document (ID card or something else) a foreigner can get in Poland that would have a "numer dowodu osobistego"?
terri 1 | 1,663
13 Apr 2015 #2
It seems that the Polish Government has instructed all banks/firms to have the application form as well as all computer system in such as way, so as to discourage 'foreign nationals' from having accounts. Well done Poland!!!

I had the same problem when purchasing a dishwasher for my flat in Krakow. As I do not have a Polish ID, the salesperson had to ring up Warsaw to ask them how he could record the guarantee. We managed in the end, but funnily enough, they never asked me for my Polish ID when I paid in cash for the item.....
13 Apr 2015 #3
Is there some kind of document (ID card or something else) a foreigner can get in Poland that would have a "numer dowodu osobistego"?

No. Under Polish law only Poles can have a dowod osobistego. The ID card given to permanent resident foreigners uses a different numbering format. The certificate given to EU citizens exercising their right to live in Poland has neither a number nor a photo.

Does anyone know how to go about this?

I just tell people to make my passport number fit their form.
OP JollyRomek 7 | 475
13 Apr 2015 #4
Have you tried this using an online form? I simply can not go any further if the format is not correct. Even if I try to manipulate it somehow, move three letters of my passport number to the front and use 6 numbers at the end, it still tells me that it is incorrect.

Technically this means that Polish most online forms where an ID number is needed are useless for us?
kpc21 1 | 763
13 Apr 2015 #5
Maybe just don't do it online, but go to their service point? If they cannot do it on computer, let them fill in all the documents manually, on paper.
panSimon - | 1
8 Mar 2016 #6

I've got exactly the same issue. I tried to get a contract online with Plus, Orange, Play, T-Mobile, and every time they check the ID card format (3 letters + 6 digits + algorithm on the first digit --> see Validation section: So, I tried to bypass the validation using 3 letters and the 6 first digits from my ID card number. Orange asked me to provide a copy of my ID card + PESEL .... I sent them all the documents with a clear explanation about their ****** up system. And they refused my order :(

Tomorrow, I'll give a try in a shop. I keep you updated.
kpc21 1 | 763
11 Mar 2016 #7
Well, they are private companies and they can always refuse to sign up a contract without any reason.

But I know that often when a client have some problems (especially strange problems) with them, and when he starts to talk about that on social media, especially on the profiles of the specific mobile network (but also just on Internet forums, although I don't think they ever look at, it often helps.

Why don't just use a pre-paid? It is usually more affordable anyway. With a contract you theoretically get a cheap phone, but then all the calls are much more expensive than with pre-paid. It's better to buy a phone for a full price and use a pre-paid.

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