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Are there any Muslim areas in Poland?

Oranj 1 | 7    
16 May 2016  #121

(Hello) Those who can not afford to perform umrah, I would like to provide them facility.

Levi 13 | 451    
25 May 2016  #122

Oranj, i think that you should open another thread since it is slightly a different theme.
Oranj 1 | 7    
25 May 2016  #123

Thanks Levi for your advice. I have posted another thread.
Levi 13 | 451    
25 May 2016  #124

More than Welcome!

Feel free to create as many threads about Islam as you want :)

26 May 2016  #125

Subhannah allah islam is increasing in Poland. All places belong to Allah.
Mr Wiech 2 | 38    
26 May 2016  #126

Subhannah allah islam is increasing in Poland

You're in for a big suprise mate.
peaceforce 2 | 12    
26 May 2016  #127

As a muslim living in Poland, you are going to need VODKA :D
Just joking, abstaining is all about self control man, you can't change the world to suit you but neither can the racists, we have to adapt and learn to live together in peace, DIVERSITY is the future.
26 May 2016  #128

sorry peaceforce but as a good muslim you should know that only islam is the future.
nothanks - | 665    
26 May 2016  #129

DIVERSITY is the future.

Then the future is filled with fractured societies and violent neighborhoods. Good luck selling Asians, South Americans or Middle Easteners this "future". South Africa is illustrating how much they liked diversity.
26 May 2016  #130

nothanks, South America (at least Brazil) is already very diverse. Probably the most diverse country in the world.

Doesnt mean that i support multiculturalism. Even in Brazil it went totally on the wrong way and now we have basically the region of Italians, the region of africans, the region of germanics, the region of japaneses, lebaneses, armenians, poles (Curitiba) and there it goes.

So multiculturalism didnt worked there. As usual. But say that South America is not diverse is untrue.
27 May 2016  #131

There is an American who lives in Amman and works in Saudi Arabia; Dennis Fetcho. "The Fetch", of 'Insidetheeye-live' podcast. He says that when the Muslim Arabs get a chance, when they can do so in secret, they all drink alcohol. Being invited to a White mans party is their dream come true. They knock back the Al kohl faster than the Prophet can behead 100 of the faithful. He says that he never has Muslims at his functions. They become extremely violent when drunk. Any blame he'd get for any misdemeanor and his permit would be revoked and he'd be on the first plane out of Riyadh to anywhere.

I have a cucumber in my garden. If I named it Mohamed, would I be stoned to death? What about the 70 virgins?
1 Jul 2016  #132

Merged: Muslim Community in Białystok

Hi everyone.

To make a Photo Project about Muslims in Poland, i am searching for any contact or community in Białystok.

Could anyone helpt me to suggest any contact (mail adress or facebook).

Unfortunately I can not speak Polish. Preferably anyone who may speak English would be great.

Thanks a lot!
Lyzko 17 | 4,448    
14 Jul 2017  #133

Oncug, my advice would be to learn at least the basics of the language before undertaking such a journey:-)
jon357 69 | 13,456    
14 Jul 2017  #134

Plenty of people in that area of Poland speak English reasonably well, and due to the Eighteenth Century wooden mosques that attract a lot of visitors, there is decent tourist infrastructure in those villages.

You could contact these people, the Muslim community in Kruszyniany (Google it for pics of the mosque). There are plenty of places to stay round there, several restaurants serving traditional Polish Halal food and most of the residents round there are Muslims:

The other village (not too far away) is Bohoniki, much the same:

You will probably need to put the websites through google translate or similar, however when you email them, it should be fine in English. They are certainly used to being contacted from outside Poland. You may need to wait for a reply, especially from Kruszyniany, since most of the people there are older.

This is the umbrella organisation for Islam in Poland, also worth contacting (many Tatars are dispersed round the country) and whoever checks the email certainly speaks English:
Lyzko 17 | 4,448    
14 Jul 2017  #135

You might be right, jon. Nonetheless, I feel that oncug, for that matter anyone, is better served by having minimum survival command of the local lingo:-)
jon357 69 | 13,456    
14 Jul 2017  #136

Oncug will probably not have the chance to do that, before a short visit. It's always useful, however if someone's visiting for, say, a week, they're unlikely to learn more than please, thank you, how much, and the bill please. If that, since English is the lingua franca of hotels, restaurants, business etc. Besides, it would take a long time for someone to pick up any language well enough to converse at even the most basic level with someone like an octogenarian villager who speaks Podlasian dialect.

When I was in that Muslim area of Poland, I was with a friend who doesn't speak Polish at all (sadly despite living here for a decade) and he managed fine.
Lyzko 17 | 4,448    
14 Jul 2017  #137

No doubt.

Again at the risk of becoming tiresome, of course, a few "Dzien dobry!" "Dziekuje!", "Prosze, ale gdzie jest...?" etc. can go a LONG way in fostering a bond between (foreign) visitor and host:-)

I only put myself in the position of any outsider who is admittedly a sort of duck out of water, arriving in a country so different from their own, soooo homogeneous, and then expecting folks to sort of pop up out of the woodwork who know fluent English. It's just not realistic, that's all I'm saying.

Whilst I know NO word of Pangla, Deri, Pashto or any one of a number of languages off the beaten path, I'd surely make it my business to pick up a little if I intended to spend more than merely a few short days in that country!

It simply boils down to respect.
jon357 69 | 13,456    
14 Jul 2017  #138

Here's their Facebook page. I noticed some interesting links on the left hand side that could be useful for Oncug:
19 Nov 2017  #139

Living in Britain it is so refreshing to see the Polish people totally awake to the obvious threat of Islam to their country and the pride they feel for their country, traditions and culture. Poland will be seen as a guiding light to other countries in the near future who are experiencing an obvious Islamic invasion. As far as alcohol is concerned I think most people would need a good drink after seeing the disgusting beliefs, culture and attitudes these heathens bring with them.
jon357 69 | 13,456    
20 Nov 2017  #140

an obvious Islamic invasion

Don't be daft
Joker - | 701    
20 Nov 2017  #141

Living in Britain it is so refreshing to see the Polish people totally awake to the obvious threat of Islam to their country

Poles definitely don't want their country turning into another Londonistan. Stay strong Poland!!
jon357 69 | 13,456    
20 Nov 2017  #142


No such thing, and to get back from bigotry to the actual topic of the thread, yes there are Muslim areas in Poland and hve been for centuries.
Joker - | 701    
20 Nov 2017  #143

No such thing,

Don't start with the misconceptions again, if you choose not to ignore the facts its your problem.

Living in Britain it is so refreshing

Jon357 doesn't believe you and you live there, right?

There is plenty of hard evidence proving the Islamist terrorist plan on taking over the EU. Londonistan is just one city.

actual topic of the thread,

It has everything to do with this thread. Poles say No to terror.
Joker - | 701    
20 Nov 2017  #144

Poland will be seen as a guiding light to other countries in the near future who are experiencing an obvious Islamic invasion.

I seen what they did to the iconic WEMBLEY district, it has been totally taken over by invasion. What a disgrace!

Poles and Americans should watch and learn from the mistakes of the progressive liberal Brit.
20 Nov 2017  #145

Jon357 is still living in his virtue signalling pussified false reality where he voluntarily chooses to stick his head in the ground regarding islam. Two things will occur when this happens. One, he will have to be on his knees and two he will get screwed from behind as is part of their enriching culture. Parasites like Jon357 will one day be held accountable for their inactons and it will be a pleasure seeing them punished for it. He is on the wrong side of history and knows it.
Wulkan - | 3,313    
20 Nov 2017  #146

yes there are Muslim areas in Poland and hve been for centuries.

Tatars are not a true muslims, they are not radical nor aggressive.
Dirk diggler 6 | 2,672    
21 Nov 2017  #147


And well assimilated... both the meiji and lipka

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