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Moving to Poland from Spain (Maybe!)

DBenitezD 1 | -
29 Aug 2015 #1
Hello everyone,

I was looking for information about how to move to Poland and I'm glad I found this forum... As far as I saw, it helps a lot.

I recently got a job offer in Krakow and I'm thinking about to move or not. Despite the job offer, I'm a bit afraid of moving there (it's a permanent contract and if I pass all the interview process I'll probably stay there for long time). For that reason, I have few questions... hope you can help me a bit!

1º - I already have got a car and a motorbike in Barcelona, and I was looking for some information about the registering process for those vehicles, anyone could advice me? I know that probably I will have to amend the car to adapt it to Poland's weather.

2º - In addition I have my lovely dog Donny, what Polish's law says regarding bringing pets to Poland?

3º - My girlfriend will also come with me, but she will not have any work at the very beginning, will be there any problem regarding this? I know that in some countries when 3 months have passed you need to justify your stay. I don't know if this would be the same case.

Probably I will have more questions but it's a bit early to remember all of them!

Marsupial - | 881
29 Aug 2015 #2
Can't help you with.those questions but if you are spanish I can almost guarantee you will be popular. It's something that can help your stay and advancement there. Last I saw spanish were warmely welcomed in Polska.

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