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Moving back from Canada to Poland - Health Insurance Question

Kario - | 1
9 Jan 2016 #1
Merged: Elderly woman from Canada moving to Poland - costs for health insurance?

Elderly woman wishes to move to Poland. She is retired and currently living in Canada. She was born in Poland but is now Canadian citizen. What would her costs be for health insurance what is the best way to keep her money so she is not so extremely taxed. Please let us know. Please translate in English
OP Jimoosh 1 | -
3 Jul 2018 #2

My father in law is a polish citizen, but has lived in Canada for the last ~35 years or so. He has purchased a house in Poland and will be returning back soon to live permanently. He is receiving a pension from Canada, but is under 65 years old.

I want to ensure his healthcare is covered in Poland. I understand that he needs to purchase health insurance... however, I'm not sure who he needs to purchase this insurance from - government or private insurance company. Do you know? Who did you buy your health insurance from? Exactly what type of insurance did you buy and what does it cover? What is the cost? Do you have to go through tests/examinations by a doctor to qualify for the insurance?

He heard that he might be able to pay a certain fee to the government and then he would be covered by the government national healthcare system. He has tried calling the government offices, but nobody picks up the phone. He is suspicious of the insurance companies and is reluctant to call them.

Ultimately, I want to ensure he's buying the correct form of healthcare coverage so he covered from the moment he steps off the plane. He said that he might have to wait until he arrives in Poland to physically travel to the government office to talk so someone to arrange for health insurance. However, this option makes me nervous should something happen.


MoOli 9 | 480
4 Jul 2018 #3
My wife got NFZ after her legal retirement in Poland that covers her in US also claiming travel.You can always get medicover,which we use as plan B which also covers us in states,cost is 5k zl a year approx.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
4 Jul 2018 #4
He has tried calling the government offices, but nobody picks up the phone.

They just don't. There and here in the US. It must be in the Polish DNA or something. I called the White House a couple of times and got through. Polish Consulate - no f***** way.

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