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Moving to Poland - how to go about it?

Scottypippins 1 | 5
30 Jan 2012 #1
I want to move to Poland but have'nt got a clue as how to go about it. I have lived for several years in poland at the beginning of the 90's but worked in germany/holland so not officially a resident. My wife is polish but sadly does not, will not return there to live, which I find absolutely outrageous as had went to all the bother to learn polish and going there in the early years to establish myself and settle but managed to get into a relationship with somebody who only had it in their head to get out of the country and of course me being the free ticket out and the wallet holder. I own jointly with my wife a smallholding of 2 hectacres and house/outbuildings I want to return as self employed and develop a small but lucrative horticultural/agricultural business. I will be self employed but actually won't have an income from it untill at least late summer and then as in this field dependant on weather conditions and such. How do I stand with Immigration over the income? (I am actually a British Citizen resident in Holland, with two children both Brit/Polish passport holders)

The Area I want to move to is near Glubczyce, which is wojewodstwa Opolskie. I am also skilled in building work (had own company in NL, prior to recession) Car mechanics/bodywork repairs and speak reasonably good dutch,polish and german.

Any advice is more than welcome and if the post seems a little confused that's because I am but sure through conversation we can figure out a solution.
gumishu 11 | 5,632
30 Jan 2012 #2
if you own a house and farm then you should be fine with getting a residence I believe and they will not ask you about employment and income - this is my understanding but don't take it for certainty - there is a British guy here in the forum who owns a small farm in Koszalin area - his nickname here is wildrover try PM-ing him - maybe he can give you some insight

other difficulties may arise - like if you wanted to run a farm and pay KRUS (health insurance and retirement plan) instead of ZUS - I know some foreign people own land and run farms in Poland but I don't know if you still need to have some special licence to do that (foreigners cannot freely buy agricultural land in Poland untill 2014 without some consent from agricultural ministry or at least wojewoda office AFAIK)
OP Scottypippins 1 | 5
30 Jan 2012 #3
Thanks for the pointers. I was under the impression that the Land purchase restriction was to be lifted in 2012 but that's not relevant to me anyway. I wish to be able to pay Krus my wife pays Krus even though she is not resident in Poland. I intend to return to PL. alone.
3 Dec 2016 #4

Moving to Poland from UK

Hi All, I am in the process of moving to Poland from the UK. The move is semi permanent maybe for 3 or 4 years, the question I have I will be employed by a company my wife owns which is straightforward and I will also generate income from a company I am involved with in the UK.The question I have to anyone who has experience in this matter is, firstly am I obliged to declare my UK income in Poland or am I only obliged ti declare my Polish income and not my foreign income, your experience is welcomed. thank you in advance
3 Dec 2016 #5
Apologies, my employer in Poland will be a Polish company.
3 Dec 2016 #6
am I obliged to declare my UK income in Poland

You have to declare it but there's no tax to pay on it. If you don't declare it, the tax office could later try to make you pay Polish income tax on income earned and taxed in the UK.

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