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A move to Poland - where to live? What city would you recommend?

12 Sep 2016 #31
By the way, Cieszyn i a very nice town. But I was there this summer and at 9:30 pm I could not find a good restaurant to get something decent to eat. It was as far as I remember Friday night. It tells you that all those small towns need a lot to improve service wise.

Talking about beer, as I can see some guys started to expand the subject so widely, that the main issue as has been forgotten, have you guys tasted Ciechan? By the way, this beer has won some European blind tastes. There are a number of other Polish beers that got awarded the same way, but I guess you forgot about them, such as Tyskie or Żywiec. Although, I value more Ciechan since it does not belong to any international big producer but it is all Polish owned private regional label that made it nationally. Anyway, it is all the matter of taste and we should not argue on tastes because every one has a different one and very individual. Cheers!
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12 Sep 2016 #32
in smaller towns it is hard to find good restaurants, cafe or othere services.

Cieszyn is only ten or fifteen miles from a major city, Ostrava, with half a million people. Whatever you can't find in Cieszyn, you can easily find there in abundance. Cieszyn has some very good restaurants, on both the Polish and the Czech sides. And they are open way later than 9:30 PM on a Friday night.

n Poland small towns are colled Poland B. Poland A are the big cities

For someone who has been in Poland for twenty years, you have an odd definition of Polska B. Neither Łowicz nor Cieszyn are Polska B, by a long shot.

have you guys tasted Ciechan?

Ciechan is quite good, except for the honey one which is way too sweet for me. Ciechan was one of the first breweries to launch the micro/craft brew renaissance that has just started taking off in Poland. Koźlak is another early pioneer, and worth trying, too. Most of the new craft beers, though, are rather difficult to find. Worth trying if you can find them.

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