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'Migawka na okaziciela' card which entitles to travel by public transport in Poland

sinanalhabobi 2 | 2
24 Mar 2016 #1
I would like to know how does work migawka na okaziciela I mean how can I buy a monthly ticket for the transport in lodz and what is the price for one month

Looker - | 1,134
24 Mar 2016 #2
"Migawka is an electronic proximity card, on which the coded (ie. stored) are season tickets entitling to travel by public transport. There are two types of 'migawka':

MIGAWKA issued for individual, on which are coded only registered season tickets,
MIGAWKA for the bearer, on which are coded only bearer season tickets

The first one is issued for free"

I'm not sure if my translation is understandable enough, check the original article for reference - there are explained all questions about this card.
kpc21 1 | 763
25 Mar 2016 #3
"Na okaziciela" is a more expensive version of the public transport pass, which is not connected with a specific person.

If only you will be using it, a monthly ticket for the whole public transport network, for a normal price, costs 80 PLN.

If you want to use the MPK (public transport company in Łódź) network also outside of Łódź, it's 96 PLN. It doesn't cover buses in Zgierz and Pabianice.

You can buy also a 90-day ticket, which is cheaper. 192 PLN - Łódź only, 230 PLN - Łódź and MPK outside of the city area.

For 82 PLN you can buy a monthly ticket which covers not only buses and trams, but also all the regional trains within Łódź (so called WBA - Wspólny Bilet Aglomeracyjny). Unfortunately it's not available in the 90-day version.

If you are a student (there are also other entitled persons), you pay 50% of that, but you need a student ID of a Polish school/university or the ISIC card (only if you are a student of a university-level school somewhere abroad).

You fill in this application form: - put:
Imię - first name
Nazwisko - family name
mark "Jestem obcokrajowcem" - "I am a foreigner"
Data urodzenia - birth date in YYYY-MM-DD format
Ulica - street where you live
Numer domu - house number
Numer mieszkania - apartment number (if applicable)
Miejscowość - town (probably Łódź)
Kod pocztowy - postal code
Adres email - no need to explain
Numer telefonu - phone number, you don't have to give it
Zdjęcie - upload a pass photo in JPG format, max 500 kB
Punkt odbioru karty - select the point where you want to receive your card
Rewrite the captcha code, mark the first of the two points to mark. The second one is that you agree to receive commercials, you don't have to mark it. The first one is that you agree that they process your data, you must agree, otherwise they are not allowed to use your personal data to issue a ticket, so they cannot issue the ticket.

Click Zapisz - Save. After a few days, your public transport card will be waiting for you in the selected point. While receiving it, you have to buy any long-term ticket, for example a monthly one.

If you have your photo in a paper version, you can go to any of these points, fill in the application form on paper (looks like that: and give your photo together with it, but then you have to wait a few days anyway.

When you already have your card, your ticket expires and you want a new one, you don't have to go to any of the few points where you could receive your card, you have much bigger choice: - which are mainly different kiosks. Some of them are ticket machines, they might be easiest for someone who doesn't speak Polish. Or on the website - here: (it's impossible to buy the ticket that is valid also on trains).

Even if you need the ticket only once, you have to do it with this card, there is no other way. If you don't want to wait, you can get this version "na okaziciela", then you don't wait, and you can get it in all the points where you buy new ticket when you have the card already (except for ticket machines), but it's much more expensive, for example a 30-day ticket for Łódź only costs in this version 124 PLN instead of the normal price 80 PLN.

For a slightly lower price (for example 70 PLN instead of 80 PLN) you can buy a ticket that is valid in two selected intersecting bus or tram lines only instead of the whole network.

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