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Men in Poland in the forest? Just men?

f stop 25 | 2,513
3 Mar 2013 #121
I have spoken since our last exchange to friends in Denmark, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and also two other Americans....they also think it would be an absolutely wonderful deal for someone...

lol any of those friends signing up for that wonderful deal?
OP Dreadnought 1 | 143
3 Mar 2013 #122
Good Lord!!! there really is a huge cultural gulf between us!!!!! are you really saying you think that someone might give up a life in New Zealand to come and live (even on a beautiful farm like this) in........Poland?????????
f stop 25 | 2,513
4 Mar 2013 #123
Then why are you asking friends in New Zealand if that's a good idea??
You have completely skewed idea of what is valuable in life. You think that family is hell and you are proud of paying some unfortunate fool 1zl per hour to do labor for you.

Are you sure you're not American??
You might be pitying family of 3 generations crowded in one flat, but believe me, they are pitying you right back: all that money and no family around you.
OP Dreadnought 1 | 143
4 Mar 2013 #124
I really do think we understand each other. We really do understand how different Polish people are.....we know that there are very few points of contact between our lifestyles and theirs......but that suits us. We do have friends here but they are Polish people who lived in America for a long time, and our other Polish friends are mostly married to Western Europeans and do understand the differences especially in the areas of 'family'/religion. You must watch 'Downton Abbey' on TV, my wife insists that 'Family' was one thing that made the British aristocracy become almost extinct . She also sees a similar thing happening in Poland, countless small businesses we have contact with are family owned and run by various members of the family.....regardless of whether that family member is a congenital idiot/alcoholic/psychopath/all of the preceeding!!!!! and so the businesses are not doing very well, (But they cannot see the problem??) The Western model would be to fire the idiots and get in people who can do the job (not necessarily family). Another example might be the Polish wedding we went to where the bride and groom had not invited one guy who was a cousin, but a man who was a dangerous alcoholic who had spent time in jail for almost killing a woman and of course he appeared at the wedding and started fights at the reception and spoiled it for everyone.....we were there when the questions were being asked and it seems that 'Grandma' invited him 'because he is family' and he was a 'good little boy' can keep it!! We saw just last week an example of 'family', two parts of a family were going to Sanok for a fun day for the children, one family couldn,t make it because of illness, so the other family didn,t go....result upset/dissappointed children????? a Western family would have said, sorry to hear that get well soon we are still going....result happy children!!! Family? you can keep it!!!! We also know at least a couple of farms that have daughters and sons and in a couple of the cases the eldest son is an alcoholic waste of skin....but the farms will go to the idiot boy because he is the eldest one case there is an intelligent and hard working daughter who could run the farm and would do better than the father has done...but she won,t get the farm because she is a girl and not the eldest Polish style?? you live in a dream world and again Family!!! you can keep it!!!! My wife believes that this part of Poland has not a hope in hell until all the old people are out of the way and younger people who have travelled and have more sensible and modern ideas about the business/family relationship come home (if they ever do) to re-vitalise business on a Western model........your cloud cuckoo ideas of how wonderful 'family' really is will be swept into the History books and small businesses here in Poland might just have a chance.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
4 Mar 2013 #125
Good Lord!!! there really is a huge cultural gulf between us!!!!!

There's should be no doubt about it.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
4 Mar 2013 #126
she is Polish and is a patriot, but will admit that she has lost a lot of her Polishness.

She can update her "Polishness" by filing the correct forms. She can request the "I'm still Polish" form and her application should get approved and back to her within 30 days.

they would inherit the farm houses and land when we die. Now whats wrong with that??? UK it would/could work!!!!........ our friend roared with laughter until he cried!!! They are Poles...... they won,t be won,t get to die of old age...THEY WILL POISON YOU or worse!!!! When you stop he right?????

Absolutely! Poles have taken over vast tracts of land in Wisconsin and Michigan by poisoning their hosts. Some original land owners were kept in locked rooms and chained and only fed pierogi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The latter was the most harsh of all the punishments inflicted on them.

I have to explain that English people will sometimes seem crazy to Poles.

Only when they push opium on China, or colonize India or.................etc

.we were not thinking of buying a family,

A know a family of Nigerian Pygmies who need a home. They are on the market for half price.

I cannot change who I am and my cultural background..

There is a new prot-type health product; it's called "Jekyl&Hyde Turnaround". It was secretly developed in the forests of Poland by bands of men pretending to be squatters. In fact, making the product involves stupendous amounts of squatting.

I have seen Polish family life.....and Polish family life to me would be 'hell on earth

It's awful how Polish women mistreat their men, isn't it? They shout at their husbands and yell, "I could have married a rap star..."

(Any responses to Dreadnought should be of a jocose nature since his fictional attempts at tweaking those who take him seriously amuse him)
OP Dreadnought 1 | 143
4 Mar 2013 #127
Hell and damnation sir, you have exposed me!!!!!
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
4 Mar 2013 #128
Perhaps you have seen me speaking to people? I intentionally dressed as an Arab but here I am addressing an audience at a recent English Tea Party.
OP Dreadnought 1 | 143
4 Mar 2013 #129
Ahhhh Anthony Quinn...... a true American actor (Irish/Mexican) Did he ever play a Pole? my vote for worst 'Hollywood fake Pole' goes to Gene Hackman as General Sosabowski in 'A bridge too far'...... surely in all of Hollywood they could have found someone who had some real Polish roots and just a bit of an acccent, he didn,t even try hard? But he might have understood me better?
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
5 Mar 2013 #130
The late great English actor Sir Arthur John Gielgud was of Polish ancestry. He noted that his father was Polish Catholic, and stated Gelgaudiškis as being his ancestral home whence his family and surname originated. Like many Poles, he traced his ancestry to Lithuania but always emphasized his Polishness just like the noted Radziwell family and many others.

He was once seen squatting in Sherwood Forest with several other men..........
OP Dreadnought 1 | 143
5 Mar 2013 #131
First Pilot ever to put a jet aircraft into a triple spin and pull out of the spin was a polish RAF officer, he used to do it at airshows in the 1950,s (Squadron Leader Jurakowski I think?)
10 Sep 2013 #132
OBVIOUSLY they wanna have a ******* drink without some woman moaning and nagging them all the ******* time. This is ******* OBVIOUS. WTF?
10 Sep 2013 #133
Its just the secret gay scene in poland you didnt really think the moustaches where just fashion

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