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Making friends in Poland - is it easy?

polishgirl1 1 | 1
8 Aug 2010 #1
I'm Polish myself but I lived for quite a while outside of Poland. My question is - what do you guys think is it easy to make friends here? I know that as foreigners we are perceived differently - but from my experience- Polish people seem to be guarded and don't open up easily. To be honest I have more friends abroad than here. Do you feel the same or is it just me?
xJUNIORx - | 2
9 Aug 2010 #2
Do you mean that the Polish people in foreign countries seem to don't talk to you so easily? And in Poland is that much easier? I noticed that's happen very often, I'm a Dutch one and I want to have Polish friends.. I try, but it isn't easy :( But I think Polish people are very nice and friendly! :)
OP polishgirl1 1 | 1
9 Aug 2010 #3
I was just trying to compare my experience of making foreign friends while living outside of Poland and trying to make Polish friends when I'm in Poland. It seems much easier for me to meet new people abroad, even the Poles -while in Poland for some reason it's not that obvious to me. Maybe people are just curious if you're different and when you're one of them - they don't think you're so special ;)
9 Aug 2010 #4
I'm also polish and agree with polishgirl1. But I must add that things change after few pints ;)
pgtx 30 | 3,156
9 Aug 2010 #5
But I must add that things change after few pints ;)

yes, you start speaking the language you have never spoken before... ;)
BlackToof - | 1
2 Sep 2011 #6
I'm English but have a single Polish friend, whom i met during a university course. She was over here in England doing a year.

Perhaps being over in a different country, you allow yourself to make friends easier without knowing. (subconsciencely)

For example;
You start off with no friends (presumely) in that area.
Depending why your there, holiday, education/business. You'll be thrown in with others.

If on holiday you'll seek entertainment and meet other for seeking the same.
If education/business you'll be in an enviroment where you have common goals, ambitions or interests.

Of course, those are likely the ways you have made friends in the past.

While people are in their own country and town/city they have less reason to engage in new social groups.

Thats just my thoughts anyway ^-^

PS: In England i find it hard to make new friends without reason like the above. I find most people nowadays wherever i go, are all head deep into their phones with their ipod MP3's blazing away.

You can't engage with them visually or audibley.
What's the world coming to ;P
beckski 12 | 1,617
2 Sep 2011 #7
If on holiday you'll seek entertainment and meet other for seeking the same

My niece went to Kraków last year for a week. Her Polish vocabulary consists of about 20 words. To her advantage, many of the people who has met there spoke English. She made friends with a few people right away. They all went to dinner together and pubs. She still keeps contact with them quite frequently.
ferdi20 - | 1
24 May 2014 #8
I will be a student,erasmus+ in Poland,Lomza, pwslip. ı am searching polish friends. Maybe one person help me about that. Polish life ... etc. I live in ıstanbul but I will come 2 terms to Poland,Lomza. Thanks your helping.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 May 2014 #9
You realize that you come to small town with small university? It's nothing like Istanbul. There are chances that you will be completely bored there. For general information about Poland read that:
jon357 67 | 17,530
26 May 2014 #10
It might be a great experience, going from a city of 15 million to a town of 50 thousand. I expect that would make the student community (a surprise to me that there's higher education in the town) a very close one and it will certainly be something new for ferdi.

If he becomes homesick, he can pop on a bus to Warsaw where there are some very good Turkish restaurants and even a Turkish bar (in the basement of La Cantina on Nowy Swiat).
Paritosh 10 | 62
26 May 2014 #11
I am 23 years old from India working here in Poland - with my experience of 5 months in Lodz, I think its really difficult to make friends here.
27 May 2014 #12
Paritosh, why are you having a hard time
Paritosh 10 | 62
27 May 2014 #13
I dont know , I am unable to make any friends here yet.
27 May 2014 #14
you dont have friends at work?
Paritosh 10 | 62
27 May 2014 #15
The people at work are like in 40 plus and also they just want to be colleagues.
27 May 2014 #16
there a many young people in Lodz. you should go out.
Paritosh 10 | 62
27 May 2014 #17
Yes yes , i tried that . May be people dont like my skin color.. :/
Monitor 14 | 1,820
27 May 2014 #18
And what with this couch-surfing thing which I linked you once?
Paritosh 10 | 62
27 May 2014 #19
Yes, I am trying to contact people there :)
They have one meeting today , I will probably go there after work - today
Monitor 14 | 1,820
27 May 2014 #20
You can also contact single people directly there. They are people who want to meet foreigners.
Paritosh 10 | 62
27 May 2014 #21
Ohh i did not know that ..
I will try find people and talk to them , then :)

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