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Made in Poland clothes (Warsaw)

14 Dec 2010 #1
Hi guys,

Can you please tell me where exactly I can find some made in Poland clothes in Warsaw? I am looking for some shirts, sweaters, a winter jacket but anyone whom I asked pointed to Arkadia centre or to other expensive centers which anyway have import clothes. Except for re-served I can not find anyother store.

Your help is much appreciated.

Apologies, just saw it was the wrong main thread to post it. Sorry about it, but the question remains valid.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
14 Dec 2010 #2
Can you please tell me where exactly I can find some made in Poland clothes in Warsaw?

It's an interesting question, but I don't think much clothes are made in Poland. Perhaps there might be highly specialist boutiques tucked away, or you might be able to commision someone to make clothes for you - but in general, I've never heard of it.
Marynka11 4 | 673
15 Dec 2010 #3
Right now I only can think of a brand called alpinus. They produce sports gear, I found it was always good quality. I think you would be able to get their clothes online. However I'm not sure if the clothes are actually sewn in Poland.
cms 9 | 1,254
15 Dec 2010 #4
Reserved is all made in China or India.

When I arrived in Poland in 97 there was quite a large clothing industry in central Poland but it was already in failing health and has now died a death - Chinese wages were obviously lower (though not that much lower) and they had larger scale and more modern production.

Upon EU entry there were tarriffs on Chinese goods for a 3 year period which was supposed to allow modernization of the Polish factories - when the tariffs came down no modernization had happened and lots just went bankrupt.

There are a few that cling on - Wolczanka, Bytom but its mostly formal business wear.

Maybe not the end of the story though - wages in Shenzen, Canton etc are now about 60% of Polish minimum wages and it could be that in 5-10 years time Eastern Europe looks like a cheap place to produce.
wildrover 98 | 4,436
15 Dec 2010 #5
Reserved is all made in China or India.

Oh...should last about a week then...
15 Dec 2010 #6
Armani is sewn in Poland :) Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp, Tatuum, Pretty Girl, Top Secret, Troll... they are all Polish brands (but sewn in China probably).

Oh, and I forgot, Wrangler sews it's clothes in Poland I believe (in £ódź)
convex 20 | 3,928
15 Dec 2010 #7
Armani is sewed in Poland :)

Shirts and stuff? The suits are made in Italia.
15 Dec 2010 #8
Darun 1 | 55
15 Dec 2010 #9
Thank you for the replies (*had some problems with the log in yesterday thus started the thread under a different name)

Probably is the same like in my country, the local producers are only doing clothes for export not for the internal market unfortunatelly. I was asking since back home there are quite a lot of stores with made in Poland clothes, and they are pretty much the only ones that fit me. I was really hoping to find a lot more here :(.

How about the Milo brand (sport clothing, mountain, etc.)? Does anyone know anything about it? As well I found it back home and it was written made in Poland on all the etiquets, but when I asked here, nobody heard about it...
sovereign_man - | 19
16 Dec 2010 #10
One of the nicest jackets I have ever owned was made in Poland. I bought it at hugo boss in 2003 for about 390.00 USD. I still have it but its in poor condition from wearing it so much. I is cashmere and wool.

Trying to find clothes in America that are made in America is almost imposible. Its either made in China now or some place else like india. Americans think they are too good to make clothes, they all would rather be tv "stars".
Olaf 6 | 955
16 Dec 2010 #11
Not only Reserved, you are right, but here're at least other brands of the same owner:

[a vertical stripe of brands - Reserved, Esotiq etc.. - maybe harder to notice]
Rysavy 10 | 307
10 Oct 2012 #12
Americans think they are too good to make clothes

Aww that is not fair..

The Carolinas were big into textiles AND assembly wel into the 80s. Many well known and respected Union label brands were outsourced when the textiles mills moved out of country. Many were brands that were for Older Dept stores. But Land & Sea, Tanner , Levi's, Wrangler (which I belive is in Poland ;p now )

1 in 10 manufaturing jobs were in clothing assembly until mid 80s. American brands were usually union lables so cost was often 3x more than say asian made before markup. And sweatshops for clothing assemby were becoming more common during the phase over to outsourcing. Once the tariffs and restrictions were removed from these corporations about operating overseas asn "importing" brand product. Especially private label"

Various trade liberalization initiatives and import restrictions on textiles and apparel have defined U.S. foreign policy in the industry over the past several decades. In 1974 and four times after that, some 45 signatories—including eight developed countries and dozens of developing ones—signed a pact called the Multi Fiber Arrangement, which established restrictions and quotas for the import of textiles and goods from developing countries into developed ones. This 30-year buffer expired in 2004. In 2005, apparel imports from China increased by almost 100 percent. And the biggest rapid decline was DIRECTLY thanks to NAFTA.

Walmart coaxed big textile giants like Cannon do move overseas for cheaper production.

The Free trade agreement wil take the last of local cotton and textile overseas. I wonder what links there are left nowdays. Plenty prolly.

*sigh* PHX I want to go home to Payson soooooo bad. I hate humidity!

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