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Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Poland ?

superuser1999 12 | 41
8 Nov 2014 #1
Does any know a good Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Poland ?
I'm looking to get Lasik Eye Surgery to correct my vision.

Any recommendations would be great!

pigsy 7 | 305
8 Nov 2014 #2
Lexum. Pl on bitwa warsaw ska 1920 no 18 street they are goog
OP superuser1999 12 | 41
8 Nov 2014 #3
ok, thanks! Any good clinics in Krakow ?
samxyz1234 3 | 2
28 Feb 2018 #4

LASIK/LASEK Eye Surgery in Poland


How much does it cost to get this surgery in Poland?
I know it might be different from city to city but I would like to know some approximate amount.

Any famous Eye hospitals?
Atch 20 | 3,963
28 Feb 2018 #5
Do you mean like Moorfields in London or just with a good local reputation??

I don't have a clue BUT most reputable clinics have a price list. Pretty easy to google.
makhan - | 1
10 Dec 2018 #6

Laser Vision Correction (Eye) Surgery in Krakow

Hi all,

I am looking for any recommendation for Lasek (Laser eye surgery) for vision correction centre/clinic, preferably in Krakow, but open to recommendations from other cities as well.
WinchesterNor - | 1
18 Apr 2019 #7

Relex Smile Eye laser surgery in Poland

Hello everyone! I am planning on getting eye laser surgery in the near future, but I'm not sure which clinic to choose. I would want to do the Relex smile, and where I live in Norway it is very expensive. The clinic I found in Poland is called Wrocławskie Eye Laser Center. Does anyone know this clinic or any other clinic in Poland that is trustworthy? I appreciate any thoughts on the subject!
1 Aug 2019 #8
Been in contact with that clinic as well. Due to book flights soon. Did you get it done ?
22 Aug 2019 #9

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