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Laser hair removal in Katowice or Poland in general?

candycandy 2 | 13
17 Jan 2015 #1
Hi, i'm at Poland atm and I want info on this topic. I think it is a lot cheaper here than in my country but do you know any reliable place to do it where they speak English? Thanks!! I know it is a strange question lol
Looker - | 1,114
17 Jan 2015 #2
I've found some places in (and near) Katowice where the laser hair removal is offered. I'm not sure about English knowledge there. You may ask them via email.

EliteLaserSpa, Laser Hair Removal


Body Care Clinic


Laser DeLux (in Sosnowiec)

If you wish you may check other places in Poland who provide such services by putting in google: "Depilacja laserowa" and of course 'laser hair removal poland' to find English language websites (and places where consultations in English are likely provided)
interfacemirror 3 | 26
5 Jun 2016 #4
Merged: Face threading/flossing


My wife is looking for a place to do Face threading/flossing in Warsaw. We have changed few salons and none of those perform face threading. May I know whether there is a place that anyone can refer me? Thank you
5 Jun 2016 #5
face threading.

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