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Lack of Spacial Acuity in Poland

ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
3 Feb 2010 #61
2 snowboarders. They were the only people on the slope and thus had all the space in the world. He RdOTFL when he saw them collide at high speed.

I'm reminded of the first automobile accident in Illinois. The year was something like 1908 and the only two vehicles within a 150 mile radius in a southern Illinois town crashed into each other.

I was told off for getting too close when I felt that I was at a fine distance.

Next time don't hug them from behind, lol
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Feb 2010 #62
Were Polish roots established? ;) ;)

Hug them? That was for starters :0 ;)

I had an old guy almost hit me in the mouth today. I tried to get past him and he lost his footing on the ice and his flailing arm came out but somehow his reflexes worked. It's treacherous out there for old biddies.
PLAT 1 | 23
4 Feb 2010 #63
It must be awful for the British, especially if they moved from a big city like London.since it is more crowded and people are very cautious not to even brush against someone... whereas maybe Poles aren't scared of dying , and touching a stranger(for example shaking hands ) -they don't have some instilled fear about germs and so on.

its like country people outside in England, those country bumpkins drive like madmen.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
4 Feb 2010 #64
A woman drove into the side of the tram I was on this morning. ...How the hell do you not see a tram which is directly in front of you?!

Was she putting on her makeup and was she from Australia?

It must be awful for the British,

Yea, and they drive on the wrong side of the road too.

As to "spacial acuity" and driving, Boston drivers are maniacs. I've probably driven in two dozen major cities and nothing beats those crazy Bostonians and their driving habits.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
4 Feb 2010 #65
Yea, and they drive on the wrong side of the road too.

In Uk, we drive on the left, just like Polish Audi drivers do in Poland.
Myszolow 3 | 157
4 Feb 2010 #66
Ah. Just because they drive on the right incontinental Europe, they think it's right?

The reason for driving on the left is so that you can draw your sword with your right hand and fight your enemy to the right. Well that's allegedly how is started anyway.

Mind you, if you try that these days you get in all sorts of trouble. ;)
Trevek 26 | 1,702
4 Feb 2010 #67
Allegedly it was Napoleon who made people move on the right. That's why Europe can't stand britain being on the left, it reminds them they were beaten by Napoleon.
marqoz - | 195
4 Feb 2010 #68
Different culture have different spatial awareness. Private zone in Polich culture is slightly smaller than in UK, but luckily for us - still greater than in Latin American or Arab culture.

Moreover Polish society isn't so monolithic. There are many cultural differences between social classes and regions including private zone or politeness.

But you're right. There are many louts in Polish streets and public spaces.
We can partly blame Soviet era - with scarce buses & trams going with no regard for timetables, with scarce merchandise in shops, attacked by crowds to get anything.

And - of course - bad education.

It could sound pompously posh, but I also hate these loutish crowds but learned how to avoid them. For example I'm not going to malls during peak hours.
pawian 200 | 21,525
17 Aug 2019 #69
Private zone in Polich culture is slightly smaller than in UK, but luckily for us - still greater than in Latin American or Arab culture.

It depends on an individual. My private zone is quite wide. In class, I always get anxious when a student shows an intention to sit at the desk next to my table - I usually ask them to move back. If the group is too big and there are no free seats, I move the table away from the student`s desk. The same when students crowd around me to ask about sth or see the test results - I feel very uneasy and usually tell them to step back a little.

So, Polish culture or not, some things are not so simple as one might imagine.

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