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When will Poland join the 21st century, many other countries are already there.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
18 Sep 2010 #1
When will Poland finally join the 21st century? There is plenty of evidence all about that many other countries are already there. Probably the best place to start is by rivisng that outdated and unrealistic code of conduct imposed on mankind by a Jew (Moses).

1. Worship only your one true god: mammon and the power, influence, prestige and pleasures that go with it.
2. Fill private and public space with curses, obscenities and vulgarisms without restraint to your heart’s content.
3. Spend the Sabbath nursing a hangover, shopping at the mall and drinking once again once after the previous day’s after-effects wear off.
4. Honour your father and mother as long as you can sponge off them, whilst pretending to be the ideal son or daughter.
5. Do not kill because you will probably be caught, but take out a contract if you have to eliminate an obnoxious spouse, in-law or business partner.

6. Do not restrain your sex drive. You only live once so be sure to sample life in all its rich variety: hetero, homo, bi, trio, paedo, zoo, necro, etc.

7. Take whatever you need or fancy, because you probably need it more than the one you’re stealing from; remember that the big shops are all insured against shoplifting and theft.

8. Bear false witness, commit perjury or otherwise spread untruths whenever necessary, because lies make life easier and more convenient.
9. Nothing motivates you more to have a fuller and richer sex life (see No. 6 above) than coveting your neighbour’s wife, partner, girlfriend, underage kids or pets.

10. Nothing motivates one better to outdo one’s neighbour than coveting his possessions and becoming determined to surpass his material status by hook or by crook or by hook (including No. 7 above).
convex 20 | 3,978
18 Sep 2010 #2
Dunno, your 21st century sounds a lot like Europe when it was controlled by the church.
f stop 25 | 2,513
18 Sep 2010 #3
Dude, your life doesn't sound good at all. I'd move or stop reading the news for a while. Or start drinking ;)

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